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[Claim Rollback Request] Flameblast525


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Your Name: Flameblast525 
Coordinates (X,Y,Z): 3781, 68, 1532
Time/Timezone/Date: January 23rd, at around 4am EST
Description of Issue: Whilst rolling back Asood's claims as shown in the images below (of Asood's furthest explosion) the front half of our (Flameblast525, Dpsa14 [which this is a more detailed follow up on his ticket], Rykki_Tykki, and Chilly_Bones) base was rolled back along with any chunks from those chunks towards the North. Those chunks quite literally contained every single storage we had, our power source, smelteries, machines, computers, mobs and mob farms, etc. All we were left with was what we had in our inventories and a small spot for food. The big issue is that since this was due to a rollback in the first place, I am unsure if these chunks would be "rolled-forwards" in a way. 
Screenshots (Optional):

This is an image of the affected major chunks that we lost.


An image of the map of our Missing Chunks in comparison to Asood's furthest necessary rolledback chunk (a 20 chunk gap). It must've been done in vertical lines, since our closest neighbor seems to have their base unaffected.


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