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Your Name: NukaQuantum
Item Name + Amount: 1 Ring of Thor
Coordinates: -5464, -556, 82 (5)
Description of Issue:  I was in the process of voting during a server restart. I had just returned from the moon and planned to open all of the loot crates I found, so I deposited all of my armor and baubles into a chest for safe keeping.

The reason I did this is because sometimes when looted items are on the banned items list, not only is the banned item taken but other, sometimes random items are removed from the inventory as well which has already burned me.

As soon as I had finished my 3rd vote, I saw that the server was restarting and feared for the worst.

Among the items I lost are an Aurorian steel sword with so many enchants you cant see the damage #, full TC armor with many modifications, dozens of loot crates / black market chests / extraterrestial crates, and most importantly because it cant otherwise be replaced - a ring of Odin.

Screenshots (Optional): 

I cant really provide any... I just play the game, I dont often take screenshots. The server restart concluded at 2:57 or thereabout. I think my inventory was probably fine around 2:40 or 2:45pm CT on 2/10/2021

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