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 [Refund Request]*quackthel *


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 [Refund Request]*quackthel*

Your Name: AdmSirRed
Item Name + ID + Amount: Ring of the faires#5347
Base Coordinates: X2387 Z 2902 Y65
Description of Issue:  quackthel and I (AdmSirRed) where around this grave thing everyone was checking out. A roc swooped in and grabbed me so i killed it. The cleave attack however also killed quackthel on accident and all his items scattered. We tried to gather everything up but my inventory was mostly full. In the end the ring got wiped.

Screenshots (Optional): This can be confirmed byCuteanimebob, Crunch4Nator and  bananaawesome03 


I am making this request for him because I am the one that killed him and because he cant seem to get on the forums. 

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