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[town role back request] jesus


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Your Name: jesus
Town Name: moxxiesxxx
Coordinates: +1676    +5324
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine):  feb 19 21 8:25pm CST   
Description of Issue: the player xbangersx desidd to spawn in several creative items witch i have put in a cehst upstairs in a fireplace so i may continue building but around the time mentioned he made me virtuialy invincable  so along wth my town if it is posable to id like to role my account back o the mentioned date as well untill then i am unable to play the game.  i am also affraid he might take over my account (yes i realise that is a irrational fear) i would like yall to jail my account till i am able to get on again

if you need screanshots i have them but they r 2 large to fit here so i am willing to send them somewhere else if needed

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