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[Inventory Rollback Request]drndrndrn


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Your Name: drndrndrn
Coordinates: -617, 228, 4571
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine):  3:32p.m/GMT+8/24-2-2021
Description of Issue: I teleported from raid back to home and died instantly (didn't even loaded the map yet). Lost everything and 70 levels, all the items despawned when i revived except for my curse of possession items. 


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70 levels
golem leggings #4173 (advanced protection iv , advanced mending, unbreaking iii, ozzy leggings liner) - quality:masterful
tide guardian chestplate purple #4621 (adv protection iv, advanced mending, inner berserk iv, unbreaking iii, ozzy leggings liner)
ankh charm #4225 (punishing)
dragon's eye #5346 (punishing)
shield of honor #6124
stone of the sea #5344
fairy ring #5347
potion ring of regeneration #4205/1
iced dragonbone strengthened longbow #5156 (adv power v, strafe vi, multishot iii, supreme flame) - quality:legendary
iced dragonbone halberd #5151 (supreme sharpness v, adv looting iii, rune piercing capabilities iv, supreme fire aspect ii) quality:legendary 

Enchanted Books (all were in shulkers)
25x Upgraded potentials 

8x difficulty's endowment V

5x envenomed III

4x viper V

2x advanced looting III

4x cursed of possession 

2x swifter slashes v

1x arc slash iii

1x high jump ii

1x agility ii

6x pink shulker boxes (#0225)

1 stack diamond blocks (#0057)

half stack emerald blocks (#0133)

1 worm soulstone (#6219)

3 xp tomes #5357

half stack battle burrito #6169

20x golden apples #0322/1

I think thats all, cant remember others.....


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