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Hello, I created this complaint to complain about a user that breaking rule number 15 and was threatening to break rule number 5 on the server "Revelations" he was harassing me and also sexualizing me by talking about me having a cum sock which is really creepy and nasty for a 38 year old to be saying to a 16 year old. I have a photo of him saying in chat that he was going to pay someone 10k to find our base so he can kill me and my friends, if you would like that photo I can send it over via discord. This user was also continuing this harassment after several times of me and my friends telling him to please stop and that we moved on and that so should he.

This is my discord incase you need anything else: Captain#8507.
Thank you for your time and consideration, have a wonderful day.

My user: CaptainCapp
His user: WheredUHearThat

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