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[Refund Request]*Tow121*


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Your Name: Tow121
Item Name + ID + Amount: Enchanted Iced Dragonbone Greatsword, spartanfire:greatsword_ice_dragonbone, 1 and it was legendary quality
Enchants: Curse of Possesion, Supreme Sharpness V, Arc Swipe III, Advanced mending, life steal IV, education 3, Upgraded Potential

Base Coordinates: 9957, 142, 2824
Description of Issue: i was facing Rahovart and an effect he had on him was sticky, every few swings my sword would leave my hands then reappear and i would keep attacking until it didnt return and i lost it (Curse of Possesion desc: Items are unable to leave in the players inventory) and what i think happened was due to clear lag, sword was taken even with curse of possession on it. No screenshots but The witnesses were: ReegobutGood, Cataclysm_Cat and Admsirred
Screenshots (Optional): 

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