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[Refund Request]*AdmSirRed*


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Your Name: AdmSirRed
Item Name + ID + Amount: Iced dragonbone rapier 5146 Legendary stats. No name

Arc Slash 3

Advanced Mending

Unbreaking 3

Curse of Possession
Swifter slash 5

Supreme Sharpness 5

Education 3

Adept 3

Rune pricing capabilities 4

Viper 5 

Envenomed 3


Base Coordinates:  x-30447 z -48685 y 64 
Description of Issue: Not certain, my best guess is sticky effect dragged out my sword at the same time as a lag clear. It had curse of possession with its standard item spot open but it popped out and never came back. No mob was found holding it either. (yea i checked the tool belt :D)


Thanks for any assist on this!
Screenshots (Optional)

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