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[Buycraft Issue] Sterrent


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In game name: Sterrent

Proof of Purchase: The Image below

Description of Issue: I bought the rank And It didn't come through...

I talked to and Admin about It and he said something about paypal reviewing my payment so It's not sent...


But It's been about 5 hours or less and I still haven't gotten my rank.. I bought Premium+ 

Time/Date of Purchase (day/month/year):  21/03/2021

Items/Rank Bought: Premium+ Rank

Screenshots (Optional): The Image Below

Any other important information:

‪Create New Topic - CraftersLand - A Minecraft Community - Google Chrome‬ 21_03_2021 14_45_25.png

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  • Founder

Hi, first thank you for support!

Looks like PayPal placed your payment on hold for security checks, as soon as the payment is approved buycraft will send you the pearks.

"We need to do a quick security check to make sure Mforyou logged in to send you money. Your 19,49 EUR payment will show as "On Hold" for 24 hours after you receive this email."

Amount €19.49


I had set your rank manually for now, when the payment review is complete (usually takes about 24h) you will get the money, keys and all pearks automatically. 

Have fun!

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