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New Simple Parkour in AssasinsCraft!


Signs or Water Portals in the new parkours.  

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  1. 1. Signs or Water Portals in the new parkours at the end?

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New updates!!! AssasinsCraft

Hi everyone! Im here to say that there's a new simple parkour in AssasinsCraft. At the moment all the Build Team and I, we are building a new main city with a spawn. So I hope this little updates hold the hype!


Its a Simple Drop Parkour. Thx to @Jimmelto put my command blocks jeje.


                                        And I want to ask something important:

What do u preffer? Having Signs that make u tp to the spawn or Water Portals instead of signs in the new parkours?





(thx to @bunnylauto make the nether zone ^^)

Find this new parkour in the spawn city!

All your possitive comments give me more encouragement to continue building! And to finish this I want to say....

                We need more builders in the Builder Team, would u want to apply?

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