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[Buycraft Issue] Merbi


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In game name: Merbi

Proof of Purchase: POS W/D SV CRAFTERSLA +4074273345 ATP RO 122608585662

Description of Issue: Haven't received the rank yet 40 mins have passed

Date/Time of Purchase: 8/14/2021 4:55

Items/Rank Bought: GT Premium

Screenshots (Optional):reciept.PNG.e51a9dd22fc0e470188f7f1eb5b87a41.PNG

Any other important information: idk why it says aug 16 should be bugged or something

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Normally for proof, they send you an email receipt for your purchase, this is definitely the best proof you can give if you have that as well, as it has all the information they would need on it, Such as this image below.

Edit: also, you put GT Premium, this is for tekkit, correct? If its for GT New horizons, you are in the wrong forum, it would be this one


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