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Discord Unban


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Hello, good afternoon to the entire staff team, as you already know I am a network ban, and the forum too, with which I think I would have to be a discord member too, I no longer have the community ban, and in discord they added 1 to me Extra strike for a staff mistake (MiniTermi77)

Thanks for your attention.

(It is not a complaint but I will put it in the complaints section, I don't know where this post belongs)


💨[S][K.O][Yonkou] CursedEmperor❗

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On 8/18/2021 at 2:07 PM, CursedEmperor said:

Hola, buenas tardes a todo el equipo del staff, como ya sabéis soy un baneo de la red, y el foro también, con el que creo que yo también tendría que ser miembro de discord, ya no tengo el baneo de la comunidad, y en discord me agregaron 1 huelga adicional por un error del personal (MiniTermi77)

Gracias por tu atención.

(No es una queja pero lo pondré en la sección de quejas, no sé a dónde pertenece este post)


💨[S] [KO] [Yonkou]  Emperador maldito❗

About your unban of discord, that have to be a manager who takes care of you. And about that strike, was already moved it months ago.


Maybe @eytixis could take care of this.

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