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[Buycraft Issue] Suarez_MC


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in game name: Suarez_MC

Proof of Purchase: Imgur: The magic of the Internet     my rank= S+..... as it is shown in the photo

Description of Issue:

  I don't know if I have to upload it here but I do it because I have an error in AC and I don't know if in the whole network as well, the error is that apparently my [S +] is taken into account by the server in general as if it were a [S], as a consequence of that, in the plugin (PP) it registers my [S +] with the permissions of an [S], that is, I have many limitations, as shown here in the photos, and I do not have all the particles my range should have.


If it is the wrong template, please correct me, but I do it because I consider that I have a tag of [S +] and not my permissions of [S +], the problem is that I have permissions of [S] and in reality I should have permissions of [S +]


Date/Time of Purchase:  -----

Items/Rank Bought: S+

Screenshots (Optional): -----

Any other important information: ------

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