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Unban Me


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[1] In-Game Username: Cursed_OG

[2] Details of Situation: I was banned for "lag spamming"

[3] Ban Category: 2 offense spamming

[4] Ban Duration: 1 day

[5] Staff Member: MiniTermi

[6] ScreenShots: 

- InGame: https://imgur.com/a/ywMFlV5

[7] Your Reason:  


-The chat messages, be it & k or & l seem to generate lag to a modality, but it is not like that, what happens if you have a bad PC the FPS goes down since it is something visual

-The staff banned me for '' supposed lagg to the server '' none had lagg except '' he '' had to be a WARNING for spam, not a ban for '' supposed lagg to the server ''

 everytime when someone starts spamming they are suposed to give advices, like "stop spamming 1/3", for me it was different, they just banned me without any advices, so who's doing the bad work here? They are suposed to help the server, not to ban people just because the staff doesn't like you, and by the way, when they banned me the mod MiniTermi was laughing at me, the same person who banned me.

"Lag spamming multiple times" this was the reason they banned me, I didn't know that u can generate lag for spamming, let me guess you have a bad computer right? that doesn't even generate lag




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First of all, you was adviced by brunyman and all staffs to be careful of what you do, so, an experimented player as you can't forget that global warning. This is your last opportunity in Network


The reason of the ban was breaking the Rule 6. No intentional harm to Server Integrity.  In concrete, to make lag to the users using spam of multiple messages using &k. Also I remember other situation of breaking this rule: "Includes any intentional action that would have a negative impact on the server's state and/or the players' experience on the server, or any threats of said action." unknown.png?width=1191&height=670


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Hi, as @MiniTermi77 said, you can't forget you are a player with a long history of bans. However, you didn't got and warning, so you are right. Personally I got fps issues when a player spams those characters in the chat, so the rule 6 apply perfectly. You will get warned and this will count as you first warn in this rule, but remember. You will have 1 warning in all of types of rules because of Brunyman global warn, that means that if you broke a rule next time that will not count as a first time.


Unban Accepted. T/C Topic Closed.

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