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[Island Rollback Request] CapitalCraft

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Your Name: CapitalCraft
Island Owner Name: CapitalCraft 
Coordinates: 25856 / 52 / -34049
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 9th September 22:30 (GMT+1 i.e. Netherlands) 
Description of Issue:  I just went back to my island from the hunting dimension when I realised that a whole ME Drive block filled with most of my drives was just missing (disappeared/despawned). I realised this at 23:05 (so I am assuming half an hour before it was still there, but again I was in another dimension). Shortly after I realised the server restarted too. I pretty much lost a ton of my items!!!! Please reset this ❤️ 
Screenshots (Optional): 





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I am asking if this can still be done, as this was in 2021 and I just hopped back on the server and nothing has changed yet. If it is impossible to roll back that far (which I would understand) I would just love it though if I could at least get the ME system back. I had 1 fully kitted ME drive with max storage capacity. Sadly all the items are gone, but I can live with that. 

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islands got purged after you gone away from the server or paused, etc. for 3-4 months and more, so sadly there will be no saves left from september 2021.
so sadly you have to start from a fresh begin, i'm sorry about that.

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