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Faction Commands

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Due to the lack of official documentation on commands for the Factions plugin that's used on our network, we thought it would be a good idea to make our own list of available commands to make things easier for everyone.

Keep in mind that, depending on how the permissions are set up within the faction, some of the following commands (even basic or extra ones) could be restricted to certain faction ranks. 

Basic commands

  • /f map - Shows status and availability of your surroundings, like safezones or warzones, claimed or unclaimed chunks.
  • /f list - Shows a full list of currently active factions on the server.
  • /f who (Tag) - Use the output from /f list to get more information on a specific faction.
  • /f create (Tag), /f tag (NewTag), /f desc (Desc) - Create a faction, update its tag and description.
  • /f show - Information about your faction.
  • /f sethome, /f home - Set a faction home and teleport to it.
  • /f setwarp, /f warp - Set a warp for your faction and teleport to it.
  • /f join (Tag) - Join the specified faction.
  • /f chat <faction|mod|alliance|truce|public> - Different chat channels.
  • /f bank - Faction economy commands, like adding, removing, transfering money, etc.

Member management commands: (leader only)

  • /f open <yes|no|flip> - Defines whether or not a player needs an invite to join your faction. By default, this option is set to no, meaning a closed faction. Be very careful when setting your faction to open, as anyone could join it and cause all sorts of problems without a proper permission system in place. (more on permissions at the end of the post)
  • /f ban, /f unban, /f kick (Player) - Ban, unban or kick players from your faction.
  • /f banlist - Lists banned players.
  • /f coleader, /f leader (Player)- Promote one of your faction members to co-Leader, or transfer ownership of your faction(!)
  • /f mod (Player) - Promote one of your members to faction moderator.
  • /f promote (Player) - Automatically promote members to the next available faction rank.

Extra commands:

  • /f title (Player) (Prefix) - Set a custom prefix for one of your members (only shown in faction-specific chat channels).
  • /f coords - Broadcast your coordinates to your faction members.
  • /f weewoo <start|stop> - Set off an alarm to let all members know that your faction is being raided!
  • /f chest - Opens up a GUI for a shared faction chest.
  • /f checkpoint set, /f checkpoint - Set a checkpoint for your faction and teleport to it.
  • /f lowpower - Displays a list of faction members whose power is under the maximum (10).
  • /f showclaims - Shows claimed land.
  • /f missions - Show and edit faction objectives.
  • /f points - Check your points balance.
  • /f upgrade - Upgrade various aspects of your faction.
  • /f tnt, /f tnt add (amount) - Check your faction TNT balance or add to the TNT bank.
  • /f tntfill (radius) (amount) - Automatically fill all dispensers within the specified range with the specified amount of TNT.
  • /f invsee - Access a faction member's inventory. Requires a Premium or higher rank

Setting up faction permissions: (leader only)

Faction leaders are responsible for setting up permissions for each one of their internal ranks (Recruit/Member/Moderator/co-Leader), as well as their relationships with other factions (truce/ally/enemy/neutral). By default, permissions are on the stricter side, with everything being denied for ranks lower than Moderator, as well as for all faction relationship groups. However, it's up to you to make any changes you like and run your faction the way you want. To update permissions, you're going to use the /f perms command. Thanks to its user-friendly GUI, setting up permissions for your faction members is a breeze.

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