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Ultra Hardcore Survival Tournament


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Hi everyone! I was watching Mindcrack S19 UHC and I was thinking of organising one on Craftersland too.

So, what is UHC Survival?

It is a survival battle between players on a map with a set number of blocks (a limit) where your health regeneration is disabled, you can only regen your health with golden apples (normal or notch ones) or instant health potions. Regeneration potions are disabled by changing the drops of the ghasts to golden ingots. Everybody is alone and they fight each other to death. Last player alive wins. P.S.:You may not disconnect from the game, if you disconnect for 2 or 5 mins (cant remember) you are disqualified.


Why do I want you to do this?:

Because it is very fun and it is interesting, bruny could give prizes but even if there is no prize it is still very cool.


I hope you will do this! :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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