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Film And Win - Youtube Contest


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Film and Win - YouTube Contest

5 - 11 August > Record Video

12 - 19 August > YouTube Upload and Contest Registration


     The Craftersland Community celebrates its 2 year  :D  anniversary with a YouTube Contest. The event will take place between 5 - 19 August and the winner will receive a 25 Euro Prize and a YouTuber Rank on our Community.


Event Stages:

  5th - 11th August > Time for you guys to record and build a great video.

12th - 19th August > Time for you to upload the video to YouTube and get as many views as possible. Do Not upload the video earlier than 12 August or it will not be considered as valid for the contest! Also do not forget to register for the contest.

20th August > Event is Over and the Winners Will be Announced and Awarded.



How do I participate? 


1) You need a Forum and a YouTube account.


2) Record a video on CraftersLand Network (mc.craftersland.net) or any server of CraftersLand. The video can be about anything like Review, Let's Play, Tutorial, Presentation, anything you like it is your call.


3) The video description must start with:



CraftersLand - Minecraft Community

Server Address: mc.craftersland.net

FTB Direwolf20: ftb.craftersland.net

Tekkit : tekkit.craftersland.net:25567

Forum: http://forum.craftersland.net

DonationShop: http://craftersland.buycraft.net/



4) You can start recording after you read this post. BUT the video must be uploaded to YouTube starting on 12th August until 19th August.


5) To complete your contest registration you will post your video and some details here starting on 12th August until 19th August after you upload the video to YouTube.





1) 1st Place > 25 Euro + YouTuber Rank on Forum and Server. The first place goes to the video with the most views on YouTube BUT more than 2500 views at the contest end!


2) Secondary prizes > YouTuber RanksThe jury will select the good/quality videos that did not won the first place and give them YouTuber Rank. The YouTuber Rank has all the DiamondVip Benefits.


     The winner of the Contest will be announced on 20th August! All you have to do is record a video on one of our Servers, post it on YouTube, promote the Community and spread the word! The video with the highest amount of views will win the Contest and the first prize!



The Jury:


 brunyman.png brunyman - Community Leader            rocam0le.png Rocambole - Survival Manager


 robynst3in.png robynst3in - Survival Godfather            Myiume.png Myiume - Developer


*We reserve the right to cancel the event under certain circumstances and re-plan or reschedule the competition as we see fit.

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