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[Read][Vote] Should We Ban The Skeleton Killer?


Skeleton Killer Removal.  

37 members have voted

  1. 1. How often did you use the skeleton killer back when you were allowed to do so?

    • All the time.
    • Occasionally.
    • Not that often.
    • I didn't use it at all.
  2. 2. Do you think the item should be removed from the game completely?

    • Yes. There is no reason to keep it in.
    • No, I like it, even if there is no purpose to keeping it in at the moment.

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Hello there, fellow Crafters. 


During the last few days, we have been discussing about removing the skeleton killer from the game entirely, as it has brought up some pretty important bugs, which can affect the gameplay experience in a relatively big way. As you might imagine, this is something we are hoping to stay away from. The current solution we've come up with is to simply force people not to use the said item. Unfortunately, this solution is only a temporary one, and it tends to lead to unfair player bans and frustration between them. As a result, we are thinking of completely removing the skeleton killer, as I have already mentioned. However, we would like to hear what you have to say on this, as your input is critically important. I am sure you all understand.


Feel free to leave a comment down below saying what you think would be best and why, but please also take the time to state your opinion through the poll I have set above.


[*] The second choice in Question 2 refers to the unpleasant situation of having to ban players for using the SK.


Note: I ONLY want the players' input on this. If you are a staff member on the Network, please check the according topic located on the staff zone. Thanks.


What do you think?




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The potential fix would be a hard workaround, and one no one has offered to spend time looking into yet. That is why I made this topic, after all. Banning the item appears to be the only solution, for the time, at least.

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Well honestly I HATE THAT WEAPON its really annoying it gives bug and thats even more annoying i think you should remove it and have another OP weapon instead and make it hard to get cuz here all people have sk and its annoying and they dont listen to staff and just end up getting banned

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Well its a fun weapon to use but also a trouble maker  -_-


I think if the Skeleton-Killer is fixable ya I think you should certainly keep it because its a fun weapon and op at the same time


But if there are no solutions on getting it fixed I highly suggest you remove the Skeleton-Killer


Stay cool and get cocaine


S3LT :)  

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