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Craftersland On Youtube - Record Us And Get Rewards! - May


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Hello minecrafters, this is a monthly event, at the beginning of every month we will reward videos recorded on craftersland that have 100+ views!


Your video must  have:

  1. The video must be recorded on one of our servers and uploaded during this month.

  2. The video title should have somewhere: on CraftersLand.
  3. Place in the video description: (if you recorded on tekkit, skyfactory of ftb, replace the server address with the address of the server you recorded on)

Server address:

  -  EU:  play.craftersland.eu

  -  US:  play.craftersland.us

  -  Non-Premium:  mc.craftersland.net


Website address: www.craftersland.net

Forum address:  forum.craftersland.net


      4.  Get 100+ views to get rewards. If you get 1000+ you will get YouTuber on all Network Servers. 


:!:  Post the video here and don't forget to tell us your ingame name!



  • Video can be recorded in any language, your target is to get 100+ views.

  • The rewards are given at the beginning of every month sometime in the first week.

  • As rewards you can get Ranks (YouTuber, VIP, Premium), Crafts and perks.

  • Also the perks are given on the server you record the video. But you can record more videos, not just one.


Start recording us, post the video here, get 100+ views and at the beginning of every month you will get a reward

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