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  1. i want a password reset please for my account victoraf33
  3. i forget the pass but join crafter im in lobby 1 with MY ACOUNT VICTORAF33
  4. [1] In-Game Username: victoraf33 [2] Details of Situation:‚Äč i don't know why i'm banned [3] Ban Category: forum [4] Ban Duration: perm ban [5] Staff Member: console [6] ScreenShots: prnt.sc/cngl4s [7] Your Reason: i think it's an error because how you can see it's from 2015 and i got banned again and i don't know why
  5. Viko-_-RexS


    Hello, i spaek from ShadowJulen It has a problem because he can not use the forum why you want to help that it has bought a range in your account is not Premium ShadowJulen and want to spend your Premium account ItzJulenPvP but can not remember the password ShdowJulen anyway have recorded videos demonstrating its range. This is the video demonstrating its range: ShadowJulen ItzJulenPvP: Se muestra la traducción de tiene un problema porqueTraducir del tiene un problema porq
  6. Viko-_-RexS


    Hello, my nick is victoraf33, from now on I am the owner of sasuke account has another, just wanted to ask a range to help the server, I get the same judge, helpers, whichever is I do not care Please, for the time I carry in my server and hours played, I love and I would like to build a building for the server PLEASE‚Äč, if you do not trust me or whatever add me to skype or if something happens to ban my account I only ask that from now I am the owner of the account.
  7. Viko-_-RexS


    thx brunny <3
  8. Viko-_-RexS


    I want my rank in Lobby 1 Please!!!!!.Nick victoraf33
  9. hello craftersland, I mean that in hiipo faction, in my plot I shop all items minecraft, I do so that people are encouraged to play more and I'm getting, I take the items creative / i that a few days ago I was in and out without spawn by. People like this idea and it works, I ask only that I do not ban my account for this, if you want to see is in / p v victoraf33 6, I also wanted to ask a range events your players like and if I do I ban my account 14 days.I choose the ban that people not play‚Äč.
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