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  1. Reset my DetliKing account password please. Thanks.

  2. First of all, how am I supposed to know the content of my enderchest? I don't always use enderchests for precautions. My friend must've put them there when he were playing. Secondly, I can remove them immedietly or maybe you can do it, if possible. Reason: I don't need notch apples sence they're pretty useless to me [already a premium]. Another thing, I already know that giving items to another player will cause my account to be banned [warned by IAmTheKay]. Anyway, I hope this clear something up.
  3. I dunno if EndeRusherMC is gonna be here, but please contact him and notify him about this.
  4. [1] In-Game Username: moe [2] Details of Situation: I have wither skeleton skull and elytra. [3] Ban Category: Illegal Items. [4] Ban Duration: 4 days [5] Staff Member: EndeRusherMC [6] ScreenShots: No, sorry. [7] Your Reason: This is my first time using a premium account since my friend gave me this account. I didn't know those items are illegal. Lesson learnt.
  5. Reset my "moe" account password please :D

  6. If that's what you feel, then fine. Bye, man. (not serious comment)
  7. So... password reset. Now I'm waiting for the fair unban.
  8. brunyman reset my password, can you delete the ban for Cappers account?
  9. Cool, so how can I reset my password?
  10. No, I just want a password reset and unban the account.
  11. [1] In-Game Username: Cappers [2] Details of Situation: FightJackX hacked my Cappers account. [3] Ban Category: Ban Evade (FightJackX) [4] Ban Duration: 15 days (8 days left) [5] Staff Member: ItsIsma29R [6] ScreenShots: Sadly, no [7] Your Reason: I simply don't deserve this ban because I didn't break any rule
  12. The launcher says "Play Demo". Will there be difference if I play on the server?
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