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  1. Reset my DetliKing account password please. Thanks.

  2. deltiking

    [Unban] [moe]

    will do. thanks
  3. deltiking

    [Unban] [moe]

    First of all, how am I supposed to know the content of my enderchest? I don't always use enderchests for precautions. My friend must've put them there when he were playing. Secondly, I can remove them immedietly or maybe you can do it, if possible. Reason: I don't need notch apples sence they're pretty useless to me [already a premium]. Another thing, I already know that giving items to another player will cause my account to be banned [warned by IAmTheKay]. Anyway, I hope this clear something up.
  4. deltiking

    [Unban] [moe]

    I dunno if EndeRusherMC is gonna be here, but please contact him and notify him about this.
  5. deltiking

    [Unban] [moe]

    [1] In-Game Username: moe [2] Details of Situation: I have wither skeleton skull and elytra. [3] Ban Category: Illegal Items. [4] Ban Duration: 4 days [5] Staff Member: EndeRusherMC [6] ScreenShots: No, sorry. [7] Your Reason: This is my first time using a premium account since my friend gave me this account. I didn't know those items are illegal. Lesson learnt.
  6. Reset my "moe" account password please :D

  7. deltiking

    I'm leaving here

    If that's what you feel, then fine. Bye, man. (not serious comment)
  8. deltiking

    [Unban] [Cappers]

    Fine, I'll wait. My bad.
  9. deltiking

    [Unban] [Cappers]

    So... password reset. Now I'm waiting for the fair unban.
  10. deltiking

    [Unban] [Cappers]

    brunyman reset my password, can you delete the ban for Cappers account?
  11. deltiking

    [Unban] [Cappers]

    Cool, so how can I reset my password?
  12. deltiking

    [Unban] [Cappers]

    No, I just want a password reset and unban the account.
  13. deltiking

    [Unban] [Cappers]

    [1] In-Game Username: Cappers [2] Details of Situation: FightJackX hacked my Cappers account. [3] Ban Category: Ban Evade (FightJackX) [4] Ban Duration: 15 days (8 days left) [5] Staff Member: ItsIsma29R [6] ScreenShots: Sadly, no [7] Your Reason: I simply don't deserve this ban because I didn't break any rule
  14. deltiking

    Premium Account Incorrect Password

    The launcher says "Play Demo". Will there be difference if I play on the server?

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