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  1. p.s: you wont be unbanned. good luck
  2. Like I said, the premium+ fooled me. Told me that they're not illegal. Reason for those underground? Land protection always mess up these days, I see that. So, I keep these underground so players can't steal them. Oh, another thing. I'm still banned either way because you can't seem to believe people. Lock this?
  3. [1] In-Game Username: Cappers [2] Details of Situation: Banned for owning duped items given by a premium+ [3] Ban Category: Duped Items [4] Ban Duration: 5 days [5] Staff Member: ItsIsma29R [6] ScreenShots: As always, can't take screenshot for some reason [7] Your Reason: Well I didn't dupe those items. A premium+ gave it to me while invisible (not sure who). Oh, and I know you all will say "it's only 5 days, you can wait, no big deal". Well it's just sad and unfair since someone fooled me into this. I don't wanna see the recording since this is my case, so don't even bother to post it here.
  4. i'll just wait here, then. since nobody reply
  5. [1] In-Game Username: Cappers [2] Details of Situation: Banned due to duped items. [3] Ban Category: Duped items-PS [4] Ban Duration: 3 days [5] Staff Member: IAmTheKay [6] ScreenShots: Couldn't take [7] Your Reason: Ah, i know this would happen. Sponsor+ (xXRikaXx) gave them to me and said it would be fine. Items are diamond blocks, diamonds, emeralds. I didn't dupe them and i think he/she scammed me. He/she gave me those items 1 month ago
  6. Hey bruny. I wanna clear something up. My brother been mis-using my DetliKing account so bad. I told him not to do dumb things. He hacked moe's account to be a premium. Now, moe thinks that I hacked his account. Our family is not rich, so thats why he did that. He's just a kid, 11 years old. You can punish him, I don't care. But don't mistake me for my brother. Remember: I am Cappers. My brother is DetliKing (Hacker).

    I am writing this so nobody mistaken me for my brother. Yes, we use the same computer and the same IP address. He's getting me into trouble now. And I dont want to involve in troubles. I thought you should know since you're the founder of this server.

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