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  1. This Could Be a Case Of Duping If you can Grab Screenshots It would Help Prove
  2. Yes Cant wait to Play now
  3. Very Nice +1000 Mil Back To The Future <3][
  4. Title: World Edit | Terry Account Name:DiamondCraft212 Rank:Sponsor Requested Commands: //set //remove // Reason for Request: To Finish And to make it quicker to build my base
  5. If this could Be done asap it would help
  6. Hey There My Mate FBSAR193 has foggoton his password So is it possible to reset it PS Couldn't find the template
  7. http://forum.craftersland.net/forum/222-password-reset/ Post a forum in this address with the template please
  8. Oh that's a bit different that up to bruy
  9. Oh that's a bit different that up to bruy
  10. Everyone's money reset it would be unfair if you'd get yours back and the others having to work for there's
  11. I went into the portal at this time and you get stuck in a constant loop
  12. Can Someone Move THis TO The Tekkit Section As Its Due to be on there
  13. U sure this is in the Right Topic This Seems to be on tekkit If Im Right
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