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Hi, since a lot of new players are begin to experience modded minecraft for the first time on tekkit, I thought I would make a post briefly explaining how to build a simple power generator for early and end game.


So to begin this is what you will need for a 3x3 Big Reactor:

  • 1 Reactor Controller - This shows you all the information about the reactor such as fuel levels, power output and amount of fuel used by your reactor.
  • 1 Reactor Power Tap - Allows the output of power, this is where you should attach your conduits.
  • 1 Reactor Access Port - This can be configured inside the block to allow input of yellorium or output of cyanite (a by product of yellorium).
  • 1 Reactor Control Rod - Controls the radioactivity of a yellorium fuel rod, less radioactivity equals less power.
  • 1 Yellorium Fuel Rod - This is where the fuel is stored within your reactor.
  • 21 Reactor Casing - The casing which you use to build the outside of your reactor.

Step 1 - Begin by making a 3x3 flat square on the ground, it should look something like this:




Step 2 - On the second level, place a single Reactor Casing on each corner, then place 1 Reactor Controller in the middle slot, facing towards yourself make sure you can right click it easily. Place 1 Reactor Power Tap in the eastern middle slot. Place 1 Reactor Access Port in the western middle slot, and finally place 1 Yellorium Fuel Rod directly in the middle. It should look something like this:


Before its filled in:



After its filled in:




Step 3 - On the third level, place 8 Reactor Casing around the edge, and place 1 Reactor Control Rod in the middle. It will end up looking like this:




The reactor is now complete, make sure once you placed the last block it should make one smooth multi block structure and the controller should turn red. A reactor this size will output 261 RF per tick.


Keep in mind you can make the reactor much bigger and it will output more power, however the bigger the reactor the more yellorium it will use to run.



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You can also hook up turbines to bug reactors this is a google docs showing the configs and power output of a turbine. Turbines produce much more power than a single reactor because you can setup one reactor with multiple turbines hooked up to it. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0As9dFXD_KM2CdGFhTUxOUGxMRlpERWtPMmtGT213bmc&usp=drive_web#gid=1

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Pretty decent tool to model your reactor before you build it. Don't know how updated it is, but it was fairly accurate with the projected information it made when I built my reactor. 


Link: http://br.sidoh.org/#reactor-design?length=9&width=9&height=8&activelyCooled=false&controlRodInsertion=60&layout=10C3XC3X2C3XC3X2C3XC3X11C3XC3X2C3XC3X2C3XC3X10C

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