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  1. [unban] Suchson

    I forgot to mention your note about security of my account... I don't have to worry about my account, nothing will happen to my account, but I had a big smile when I read it. But now I'll back to the topic... 1. When I fish, then Im trying respond immediately, but when someone from my family catch fishes, then I answer later. But sometimes the chat goes so fast, that I don't even see what someone writes to me. 2. As I wrote earlier, I forbidden them to move my character in those cases, then I can see that something is wrong. 3. In those cases they won't do anything like in "2." When I'll back to the computer and see "Disconnected etc.", then Im back to fishing. Asking "Who did this to me?" is pointless, because I know that only staff member could, nobody else can do it. Now excuse me, in my time zone is very late night, I'll back in a few hours.
  2. [unban] Suchson

    I don't have to worry about those things. Why? Because I forbidden them to move in such cases because I wanted to know that someone was trying to get me caught again. If my character will be not moved, there will be no need to move it back. IF somebody will move my character from spot, that will mean that the staff member did it. So, when I'll get harm or I will die in that way, it will be only by staff member fault. My pond is designed that, so I cannot get out accidentally of. So I learned a new way to use for macros, but still no need to use for fishing. (However, I still think that is some kind of a bot description, not a macros)
  3. [unban] Suchson

    Whenever I come back, I look at the chat to see if someone wrote something to me.
  4. [unban] Suchson

    Well, with pressed F1 (hidden HUD) hard to see any calling. Don't you think? Furthermore, family members will never respond for anybody calls.
  5. [unban] Suchson

    Yeah, greetings. Im not answering, because: 1. I am annoyed with bunch of people on server with writing: "Suchson", "Suchson", and when Im responding, they only write "Hi", or don't write anything, sometimes they spamming my chat with teleport requests. So I just started to ignoring them and I press F1 for disable HUD, for fishing time. 2. I am not only person in my home, so sometimes when I cannot be in front of my computer, Im asking for help one of my family members to do it for me, and they will not answer nor react for any acts of other players, because they don't have to - nobody can get to my base, nobody except a staff members so my character is safe in my base. I don't know any of macros working for 1.12.1. Even if any macros would exist yet for this version... Macros are used to enter commands, not actions... Or I missed something?
  6. [unban] Suchson

    [1] In-Game Username: Suchson [2] Ban Category: Macros? What macros? [3] Ban Category: MACROS - PS [4] Ban Duration: 5 days [5] Staff Member: KayWolves [6] ScreenShots: [7] Your Reason: I don't know what I have to write here, really... I don't use any macros, and for what? For brewing? For enchanting? Or maybe for FISHING?! Doh...
  7. [unban] Suchson

    If this is the reason for my ban, then congratulations, even if you just throw bobber from fishing rod to water, you'll be not kicked for afking.
  8. [unban] Suchson

    First not a few hours but 1hour (yup now 2), because I had to write that topic, and consult with the dictionary. My English is not perfect, but I wanted to preserve substantive consistency of what I am writing about... Second... I have to bring more arguments? After kick through ban, I cannot provide nothing more, as proof, smart move I must admit. You say that you did not ask me about anything, so on what basis do you claim that somehow I was hacking, eh?
  9. [unban] Suchson

    Hah, I did not hack. Staff thought that I ignored him, so he banned me. This is the only possibiity which I can see.
  10. [unban] Suchson

    [1] In-Game Username: Suchson [2] Ban Category: No response for annoying questions - gets ban, yeah. [3] Ban Category: hacks-PS (?) [4] Ban Duration: 5 days [5] Staff Member: Zyko [6] ScreenShots: [7] Your Reason: My reason? Why do I have to explain to every staff member, how I play? This is getting annoying, that staff comes to server once per month and everyone interrogates you over and over again. That's why I ingored those questions, and got banned with describe "hacks-PS" btw I don't know what's mean PS here.
  11. Creative mode abuse on Pure Survival again...

    Yes Im totally sure that is my home is protected from every direction.
  12. Creative mode abuse on Pure Survival again...

    Somehow he managed to enter to my house. How? I really don't know... He didn't kill me but he was IN MY house even it's protected.
  13. Creative mode abuse on Pure Survival again...

    I know that thing Quentrix. My qeustion is - why Creative mode is AVAILABLE on Survival? I want to talk with Staff about this whole situation.
  14. A few minutes ago I've got problem with 2players that they tried to breat to my house in creative mode. They dug a hole under my house and tried to get to me. Their nicknames are: yoloboyz and xEpiChick3nx and both of them were in Creavtive mode, some time later they come again with Invisibility Potions and they tried dig even longer. Why Creative mode is available on Survival?
  15. Creative mode abuse.

    Yes I rebuilded protection block, that I can protect my home again. Now that I know that you are the staff, you can enter to my house, I have nothing wrong with you.