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  1. Please, don't trash talk and don't abuse your privileges here. We didn't ask for your advice. Though what is typed on discord should not be considered, the request was made on the forum and here it remains. Here is my advice instead: spend your time better than this.
  2. HI Ness, thanks for the rollback! We just noticed. Actually, there is something missing. As we joined in the server, we checked the chest at the fusion crafting and it was missing 10 chaos shards. The second thing we noticed is the 12 missing dragon eggs from our ME. Thanks for the patience.
  3. Stop to auto involving yourself in this.
  4. 1] In-Game Username: F_Lost (currently Qrostino) Lews_ [2] Details of Situation: We got banned for selling items for IRL money [3] Ban Category: Selling items for in real life money [4] Ban Duration: 2 months and 24 days [5] Staff Member: Kaszanka_1234 [6] ScreenShots: [7] Your Reason: We were accused of something We didn't do, my friend (which is my brother, you can see our IP
  5. I can't really understand why you reply to something you have nothing to do with. The "Personal nightmare" i promised you to be was a joke and i told you it was so straightaway after that message, so don't try to put me "in the pit". Thanks!
  6. First things first I don't see why you have to manipulate our lives, if we joke about something (and we were not joking about rules but on a thing that you don't even know and you don't have the right to.) you have nothing to do with us, and you can't know of what we were actually talking about. You have to punish where you see serious stuff like PayPal Emails (and not messages, otherwise you'd have no reason to take action), Credit Card numbers, etc... And not a few words, but we do know that you don't like us, I cleared this point. He did grief the town once, and he paid the unban so you ar
  7. Sorry for bothering you @brunyman, but everytime Kaszanka is upset at us and according to him we are never right. You can ask whoever you want, he is very harsh. We've always supported the server in terms of donations just because we wanted it, now we ask for reasons and I hope you will support us too.
  8. [1] In-Game Username: F_Lost [2] Details of Situation: He was banned today for excessive griefing of the overworld. [3] Ban Category: Griefing [4] Ban Duration: 14 days [5] Staff Member: Kaszanka_1234 [6] ScreenShots: [7] Your Reason: We'd like you to show us proofs that involve F_Lost in what you said. Why should he grief the same world of the same server he plays everyday?...
  9. What google says: Tracking: means to follow their movements by means of a special device, such as a satellite or radar. Logged: dated To make a record And in spite of everything, as screens show the only one who tracked here is timothysage, and you said that tracking is against the rules right?
  10. In-Game Nickname: timothysage Your Nickname (optional): Lews_ Time and date: 21.51 - 17/03/2021 Description of what happened: Days in the past timothysage started bothering me and F_Lost(my teammate), He said he would've placed a tracker on us (screenshot attached). After this, we thought he would've stopped but soon after he went to our mining world to make random holes where our quarry was placed in order to force the stop. Today probably when we were away from the server, he got to our town to place a huge structure in order to cover our cotton farm
  11. I'm sorry I didn't knew it! It was the Dragon one, and I found it in a Mystic crate.
  12. I can't have a reply, seems like these requests are not of staff's interest, is it? @Kaszanka_1234@ManYouForgot My reply on Unban request was like instant.
  13. [1] In-Game Username: Lews_ [2] Details of Situation: I was banned for Griefing, while i was allegedly stealing. [3] Ban Category: Griefing [4] Ban Duration: 14 days [5] Staff Member: Kaszanka_1234 [6] ScreenShots: [7] Your Reason: I dont deserve 14 days ban, I just owe 30 mins of jail I haven't griefed anything.
  14. Your Name: Lews_ Item Name + Amount: Angel Ring 1 Coordinates: X: 7807,68551 Y:68,00 Z: -9635,75270 Description of Issue: I died by a mob, took the grave and got all stuff back, when i died again i took the second grave and i was missing the angel ring with other useless stuff, i just mind that ring. Screenshots (Optional):
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