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    Gaming,Cars(Gtr my favorite btw),Skateboards,Longboards,Basketball,Anything extreme,Being crazy,being chill and cool. Meeting new ppl making friends having someone to talk to, etc.

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  1. Trixx305

    ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted but terrorists learned about your ability and captured you as their slave to translate everything for them for their evil plans. I wish I had a cute girl as my best friend
  2. Trixx305

    ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted but you teleport inside a wall and suffocate I wish I had The tempest spaceship from mass effect andromeda
  3. @lMecoboy Lexylelelele : Hola. Pofavor sube una foto de la espada. Gracias. (Hi. Please upload a picture of the sword. Thanks.)
  4. Trixx305

    Netflix series

    Stranger Things< My favorite , Money Heist (La casa de papel)<Really good one , Flash , Arrow , Powers , Punisher , the 100 , A series of unfortunate events , gotham , supernatural , luke cage
  5. Trixx305

    ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted But in the same day you become invisible while crossing the street a car passes fast and hits you and kills you since you are invisible I wish I could travel space and find new habitable planets
  6. Account Name: Trixx305 << That's purple btw akaelite knows what I meanRank: Sponsor+Requested Commands^: Worldedit.*Reason for Request*: Making nice wall around my town is my only purpose for now I don't intend to use it for anything else besides making a wall but maybe will use it for future projects. PD: I know I have to use it carefully and in small areas or crashes the server I'm very aware of the consequences.
  7. Trixx305

    [Refund Request] NetherBoy55

    You cheap bastard I should take some of the money you get back for copying me you lazy mf
  8. Trixx305

    [Refund Request] Trixx305

    Your Name: Trixx305Item Name + Amount: Money we get from donations and claim blocks Description of Issue: After wipe all data was deleted obviously so i lost the claim blocks I get from donating or buying a rank, and the money I get from the rank donation aswell in this case my current rank is Sponsor+ all the unspent money I had in me was probably around 44 to 48k
  9. Trixx305

    Episode Two! Let's Transform a Minecraft Village.

    Hahahah Nice video keep up making more I'm sure you will get a lot of viewers also I really like that apart from you talking your daughter does talk in the video is really cute and entertaining to listen to her too xD btw thnx for finding a place here in craftersland hope you stay here with us for a very long time!
  10. Trixx305

    xxDragonJCxx's Corner of the World.

    Nice place I will just pay it a visit right now Looks very good I like the style
  11. Trixx305

    [Buycraft Issue] Trixx305

    In game name:Trixx305 Proof of Purchase: Transaction ID: 38D07822EL4295240 Description of Issue: I bought a rank and a name tag at the same time and I suspect that my rank was overwritten by the name tag as I can only see [Expert] Trixx305 while other ppl have their rank before their name tag eg: [S+] [Expert] Trixx305 Date/Time of Purchase: Feb 26, 2018 07:24:37 PST Items/Rank Bought: RANK: Sponsor+ Item: Name tag: Expert Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: None at the moment
  12. Trixx305

    NEI Spawned Items

    I tried doing so... yes the saw on first use will get the tag removed the only problem is that you can't use it with a spawned block it will only work with blocks that does not have a tag on it.
  13. Trixx305

    NEI Spawned Items

    Also I was wondering if this haves to be a problem caused by this but a player asked ingame how they could see how much energy an item haves thru NEI, I was wondering the same because I remember before I could see how much energy my energy cells had thru NEI and now it doesn't shows up I thought it was something I messed with or maybe theres a way to re-enable that feature but when that player mentioned it I knew I wasn't the only one and maybe this problem with the NEI had something to do with it?
  14. Trixx305

    [Command Request] akaElite

    You can use /CI to clear your inventory
  15. Trixx305

    Help! Crash when joining server everytime

    Awesome thank you very much guys for the help

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