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  1. Ltmrl


  2. Ltmrl


    I've created a short tutorial for ACv1... why? Because im bored ma frend What do u think? Give opinions pls http://www.mediafire.com/file/ad9iza0o29a5j06/assassinsV1_spawn.rar
  3. My friend dropped the sword without wanting in the spawn, and ''josewoqq'' took it. My friend is called ''jojoeindhoven'' and he would want his sword back. Would you mind to? Lutafeee (SRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH X))))))))) https://gyazo.com/53084ccc39bf648d1ba719a7535c8c4e https://gyazo.com/adb8a2fd55dcbbc9d989e8f215677d4a https://gyazo.com/73629d594ef90151fb29669c13b8eeb5
  4. Ltmrl

    [unban] Lutafe

    I know its obvious, and if i were you i would believe the same as you. But at least, if an admin/mod sees you doing that, he could warn you (sry for mi bad english). I know that there are only 1 day but i want to play :v
  5. Ltmrl

    [unban] Lutafe

    Yeah, i get your point, but i didnt know the fact that it was 'ilegal', i was simply doing this because i think it was how the HB worked. Do you get my point?
  6. Ltmrl

    [unban] Lutafe

    [1] In-Game Username: Lutafe [2] Details of Situation: I was pvping with a pair of full diamonds (for fun) and i used the HB while they were in the spawn [3] Ban Category: Bug abuse? [4] Ban Duration: I dont know, i have just noticed, maybe 2 days or a day an a half [5] Staff Member: Mainblast [6] ScreenShots: I dont have any screenshots :,v [7] Your Reason: I am new to the server (less than a month), and i bought the HB, and i thought that the fact we could use the HB in the spawn was part of her functioning. So i hit multiple times people that are in the spawn when we are pvping, even if an admin was watching me, i still did it. PD: I want to report A VERY BIG BUG, i am a premium user, but i enter with the non premium IP (mc.craftersland.net) to vote. You banned me, but i still can enter the server with the premium IP (play.craftersland.us). I want to remark that im not going to enter the server because i dont want to get banned longer. I hope you apologise me :,c, Lutafe
  7. Ltmrl

    New ACv1 city: Imperium, the templar city

    SPOILERS I,ve been searching all the city and i found two things: A book which told the story of the three men and their sacred weapons. And a dungeon which was inside of the castle. Which can be entered by pressing a button hidden in a library. The problem is that the dungeon i mentioned doesnt seem to be finished and i want to make my mind. Is it finished? PD: how i can be premium in the forum? Im premium in minecraft server and discord server

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