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  1. I know I already made a suggestion to reset the server, but since then the server has been averaging 5-10 TPS, and has frequent times where it's at 1-3 TPS. Even after a server restart, in about 10 minutes the 20TPS drops to 5. I'm not the only one asking for a reset, a large amount of the community is. The server's been up for 9+ months now, and is beyond unplayable with the lag.
  2. We need a server wipe. There are times when there are 20 people on, the server has 5 TPS, and people can't even craft because they're lagging out. Further, some of the items for mods (like Thaumcraft) aren't even in the world, so people can't progress. I've been on when there are maybe 5 people, but because there are so many inactive players with huge bases and chunkloaders on, there is consistent server lag. That is all.
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