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  1. This isn't technically a server problem, but it's a bug with this current version of thermal expansion and IC2. Right now, the IC2 iridium ore, which is required to build iridium plates, is impossible to get. The only way to get it is through mineshaft chests - which you only get 1/9 of a piece of iridium from anyway. However, this iridium ore is the only material that can be used to make iridium plates. The only other source of iridium is through thermal expansion and is only obtainable through the void ore miner or RFTools world. However this ore (or its ingots or its plates) cannot be used in IC2 crafting, despite it being supposed to do so. In fact, in a later verison of TE/IC2 on the Ultimate Reloaded modpack, this ore's ingots can be interchangably be used with IC2's iridium (which is also unobtainable on that modpack except through chests). With that being said, would it be possible for us to exchange out TE iridium ingots for IC2 iridium in order to progress? Even UU matter crafting is disabled, so you cant use UU matter to make IC2 iridium.
  2. Monk mod level 19 does not work. If you kill a wither such that the only damage it takes is from your fist, and you have no armor on, you do not get the advancement. If this is not possible to fix, my suggested solution is also here -
  3. On Direwolf 1.12.2 since the wipe, whenever anyone dies and respawns, they crash off the server with the message that a fatal error terminated their connection. Also, when they rejoin they spawn at x=0, y=0 instead of spawn.
  4. I think that the suggested price is too low, you're meant to play for claim blocks and gradually expand or buy them in mass via donation, that's part of the monetization model. Obviously, it should be reasonably expensive to get a claim, and considering that valuable resources sell for no more than $2000 (except for early game), you should expect to be able to get a 10x10 area for $2000 => $20/block. If the price is too high then either circumvent it by donation or play for longer and focus on expanding what you have vertically.
  5. I don't see what's wrong with purchasing the final levels for say $2000. Right now a nether star is worth ~$350 meaning the skulls are worth ~$300 and you can easily fight the wither without taking damage (nether ceiling glitch). That's the only challenge that requires any amount of effort. As for the final challenge, it takes 2 minutes of time and that is all. It would probably take longer to get $2000 than it would to actually finish the quest if it was possible. Obviously a script would have to check if you're level 18 monk before letting you buy lvl 20. I'm sure that implementing something like this is far easier than trying to solve the bug.
  6. Because monk mod level 20 is broken, and it seems like it isn't going to be fixed, Instead of requiring people to donate for a feature that is intended to be achievable ingame, let people buy the level 19/20 monk mod advancement for in game cash.
  7. I know I already made a suggestion to reset the server, but since then the server has been averaging 5-10 TPS, and has frequent times where it's at 1-3 TPS. Even after a server restart, in about 10 minutes the 20TPS drops to 5. I'm not the only one asking for a reset, a large amount of the community is. The server's been up for 9+ months now, and is beyond unplayable with the lag.
  8. We need a server wipe. There are times when there are 20 people on, the server has 5 TPS, and people can't even craft because they're lagging out. Further, some of the items for mods (like Thaumcraft) aren't even in the world, so people can't progress. I've been on when there are maybe 5 people, but because there are so many inactive players with huge bases and chunkloaders on, there is consistent server lag. That is all.
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