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  1. Edit: Resolved by spam-clicking submit for about 30 seconds. No help needed.
  2. In game name: Primal_Dark Quest-ID: #27 Reason: Retrieval of 4x coal from coke oven/other sources not registering, unfortunately. Have tried a variety of fixes and failed so far.
  3. 12+ months is too long. Lag will be bad in the beginning with /fly and crate creative jetpacks loading chunks in other dimensions but overall issues will be reduced. (Possibly pregen twilight if file size isn't an issue?) I'd quit a long time ago due to portions of my home repeatedly getting wiped during server lag spikes and got tired of asking for refunds. Its definitely in the community's best interest to restart for performance and the modified worldgen that's come in the last few updates. As hard as it can be to let go of a base and hard work, it needs to happen. Lo
  4. As title states. As long as no player is present at spawn the public ender tank lava/water/sewage is next to useless. People are in a couple places already trying to pump lava out of the nether, which isn't the healthiest thing for a server. My suggestion until this is figured out is to replace the BCL loader under spawn with the Railcraft Admin Worldspike that was there previously, since it didn't seem to have the disappearing chunk loader issue. Also of note: people still have a BCL chunk balance of zero, including myself.
  5. Seems like a good place for a fresh start, then. DDSS got me to quit MC for awhile, lol.
  6. I lost one myself a couple of hours ago. It disappeared as I teleported back to the area I had it. This was the chunk loading ward from Extra Utilities 2. Edit: Lost another chunk loading ward sometime in the last 30 minutes, 2 total.
  7. Since the 7.0b update earlier the End portal at spawn won't teleport anybody. I'm not sure if the problem is exclusive to just the spawn portal or if it applies to naturally generated portals as well. EDIT: Problem resolved
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