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  1. Ill move the topic to the right server
  2. @Legendary_King can you confirm the commands were given and work ? thanks
  3. I'll Lock the topic since it has "resolved itself"
  4. What mine ? can you take a screenshot ?
  5. issue has been solved, in Asssasins as well as in Skyblock. ill close the topic
  6. User created a new topic correctly so I will close this one
  7. Moved to the right section, also you have to use the following template
  8. There shouldn't be a limit as to how many blocks you can place, just limit yourself to the 256x256 area
  9. Also could I get my [sponsor] in cyan ?
  10. Account Name: JeanAlc Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: All of this in all the mods of Network Please /time set /weather clear // world edit /top /Fly Speed Reason for Request: /time set - it helps everyone online /weather clear - rain lags the game an if I can clear it, good for everyone // world edit - it helps A LOT when building /top i build underground and it helps to get out quicker /SpeedFly - it helps cause we dont have access to /tp (unless I can request that too?) Thanks !
  11. This plugin needs to be reworked on, I don't know if its failing or what but, we kill endermans and it kicks us. I understand is a measure agains cheats, but this server is not big on pvp so it you guys could nerf it a little.
  12. The end has 2 towers that have been protected since last restart, nobody can find the protes, not even geri33, she tried everything she could but nothing. It is a problem when we try to fight the dragon cause it keeps regen Thanks Pd: can I request a command or is it only for Sponsors? I would only need /set time.
  13. Its buggy, sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt, it was working for yesterday, not working the day before
  14. coordinates: -5543 70 2295 I was testing my new pillager farm, and spawn a "villager" wicht weirdly enough asked me to link to a chest …. long story short I am tired, its 2 am and I spawned a shopkeeper. Ive tried lava, sword, bow, the guy doesn't even move, so help please lol
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