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  1. PortalAtlas

    Still have NEI cheat mode

    Hello, I transferred my sponsor to FTB 1.10 a while ago and just logged on to tekkit and noticed I still have NEI cheat access.
  2. PortalAtlas

    ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but Gordon Ramsey disapproves. I wish for a lifetime supply of the peppers that come at the side of a papa johns pizza
  3. PortalAtlas

    ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted but your pet becomes addicted to opium. I wish @ZeeDerpMaster got on direwolf20 1.10 with me
  4. PortalAtlas

    Massive cyber attack

    Time to go back to Windows XP How did you get it btw? was it a laptop that you connected to a public network? Did you download something? me very scared.
  5. I see djgaz i click

    1. djgaz180


      why tf are you not on tekkit nub

    2. PortalAtlas


      if u on gimme 15 minutez i gotta redownload it

    3. djgaz180
  6. PortalAtlas

    Random Thoughts

    All Eyez On Me was worst than Suicide Squad.
  7. PortalAtlas

    [Command Request]PortalAtlas

    Account Name: PortalAtlas Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: /top - essentials.top (Get to surface faster) (worldedit) - worldedit.* (Building in my claim) P.S: I remember buying a custom tag a while back, I don't remember what happened to it but if it's still on my account can you make my prefix &a with no title? Thanks
  8. PortalAtlas

    Creative Item Spawn Request

    Yeah that true. I was just going to spawn it in to save bruny time since its just a mystcraft book and it already says "Spawned" on the item but since everyone is getting mad I guess I'll just wait for him to reply.
  9. PortalAtlas

    Creative Item Spawn Request

    You can use a feature from NEI cheat mode to add the item from the creative menu to your inventory which I had a (now archived) topic about where staff said its fine. But if its such a big deal let this topic stay active so bruny can remove the Spawned In By Tag because its not like you aren't supposed to be able to spawn it
  10. PortalAtlas

    Creative Item Spawn Request

    NEI spawns stuff without a tag, that doesn't make it an exploit
  11. PortalAtlas

    Creative Item Spawn Request

    nvm found out how to spawn it w/o tag. someone can close this topic
  12. PortalAtlas

    Idea For Tekkit/Modded Servers

    Make it only viewable to logged in users. Edit: or you can make it like mod queue where a forum moderator has to approve your post before it is added
  13. PortalAtlas

    Creative Item Spawn Request

    Hello, I would like the ability to spawn in the creative notebooks from mystcraft without the Spawned In By: tag because it messes up the data of the notebook. Item ID: 6060 It already has a Spawned lore so I cant go around giving it out and it isnt in NEI which is why I need to be able to spawn it from the creative menu without a tag. Thanks!
  14. PortalAtlas

    Can I get off mod queue?

    of course i behave all the time <3
  15. PortalAtlas

    Can I get off mod queue?

    Andrew put me on mod queue cuz i called him a fucking idiot or something like that but now that he isn't here can i get off mod queue? <3

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