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Space Factions - The Moon?


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As we said, we will add more places where cosmonauts can travel to, Mars is almost done so work on Moon has begun!


Some unique features will be:

  • As gravity is lower players can jump 6 times as high then normal.
  • Resources found: Iron, Lava and Quartz.
  • Resources missing: Water, Wood, Coal, Gold, Diamond, Redstone, Emerald, LapisLazuri.
  • Because there is no air the sky will be black. Also players will have to wear the space suits all the time just as on Mars.
  • We plan to add Meteor Strikes - we don't know if we will add them yet, as we need to do some tests first.

For resources not found players can get them via Shops or Supply Kits just like on Mars.


Now, some insight pictures of the Moon terrain:





Space Adventures!

Cracked: mc.craftersland.net

EU: play.craftersland.eu

US: play.craftersland.us

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