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Tekkit 1.7.10, Update.


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are players bored of the current galacticraft modpack? does it worth moving to the new modpack?

I really dont like the galacticraft theme, but i think updating could be a good idea, im personally bored of the current tekkit modpack. Some players will like moving to this modpack, like other not.

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No this isnt tekkit, its a slightly updated version of the old technic pack. Don't bother updating.


EDIT: This contains lots of broken mods that are extremely hard to balance, and would just be a mess of people with laggy cobble gens

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Its probably a combination of all of them. Mostly people are just bored with the pack, all the mods are out, but they just won't update if you really want, I can make a pack that has most if not all of the updated mods in it just to test with.

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I've noticed the increased lack of players on Tekkit.

However were into the 2nd month of school and around here school is from 8:00am-3:00pm. Most kids wont get on before school, meaning that after 3:00pm between home work and their curfue they get maybe 3 hours of game time depending on their home work load and travel time to and from school. It used to take me 1 hour each way to/from school. that means after home work id have 2 hours to play.


I dont think that the new mod pack has had a major impact on our players, from what I've seen most of them are reluctant to even try it off of its pure apearance they dislike the idea of going from like Tekkit year 2020 to Tekkit year 1700 as the game basically implies.

Personally im with all those who would rather stay with the current tekkit, however I havent even tried Tekkit Legends. I read up on it and decided its a waste of my time to even try it out I didnt like how any of it sounded so I havent even bothered to try it out.


You could say i judged the book by its cover.


In the minecraft mod world I believe two will always reign supreme.


#2 Space Travel


That's my two cents.

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ICBM is a nightmare to work with on servers, trust me, I've tried. Space travel, while all well and good, is the main attraction for all the newbies. However once you get there you realize its just broken and boring, long time tekkit players will tell you that pretty much everything is in the overworld, myst and dd when it comes to different dimensions.


Also "increased lack", ;) laughed so hard there.

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Slit, laugh all you want but in august there was 10+ players on at night time my time and now most night I'm the only single player online some times for hours sometimes. Sure don't see you online keeping me company at night. I'm just saying the lower player count is I think because of school and not tekkit legends. The players are asleep.


Definition of lack: the state of being without or not having enough of something

I think that 0 players or 1 player at night, that 1 being just me, fits the definition requirement to a lack of players.

So what are you laughing about.

Going from 10+ at night to 0 or 1 at night Is a increased lack of players. Don't see why that's funny. And brunyman seems to be asking about the increased lack of players himself so I don't think he thinks its to funny either.


Either way I don't see a lot in Tekkit Legends that you guys wouldn't ban. QuiverBow looks like it would all be banned like Balkons is.

Some of IC2 looks like it would be banned, though IC2 looked interesting.

I noticed ComputerCraft was a newer mod version in Tekkit Legends that looked interesting.
Project E seemed to be like their replacement for Galacticraft and I'm not sure how much of it would be banned it looks like most of it probably.​

Redstone Arsenal was a newer mod version too which had armor with the weapons were we only get weapons in the current Tekkit.


I'm not sure how much of what was likeable with the game would be left after you removed and banned what was necessary so its hard to make a decision.

Tekkit Legends is different than from what I thought about it before trying it. I could see myself getting used to it since I personally don't use Galacticraft after I saw the Moon and Mars I haven't even used that part of the modpack again. Though there was a 3rd planet that they are supposed to release? with the tier3 rocket I thought so there should be atleast 1 final hurrah to tekkit galacticraft.


I still believe the decreased player amounts are from school, Though I'm curious after what was banned and removed from the tekkit legends to see what will be left of it. I think a lot looks like it would be totally removed which would negate most reason to using it in a new server. I might be wrong maybe you would keep most or more than I think keeping any little interest I have in this new modpack

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Never said it was because of tekkit legends, just that it was because of school, other irl stuff and a lack of interest. I don't often sit and supervise the players late at night because I'm sleeping or just chilling on ftb or another game. IMO there are a few things we could do to get the player count up.

1) Wipe the server. The most direct and to the point solution. Usually whenever there is a restart we get a large influx of new players and old players come back to dominate the server again. However this drives some away because they don't want to deal with getting gear and grinding up to the top.

2) Hold an event/advertise. This one is kinda iffy. I know that the last thing bruny needs to worry about is advertising stuff. On his own he's doing really well, he has healthy servers and I assume from all the ranks being bought has a net positive on the servers. That being said these servers, while being  gems of their own, aren't the most well known. If he were make an advertisement or even get more people to occupy teamspeak we could strengthen the community with people who keep coming back, inviting friends and in turn getting the word out.

3) Change the modpack. Tbh not happy with this coming to mind. I love the modpacks that currently run on the modded server. Love em to death. However I'm a little late on the modpack train, tekkit hasn't gotten any love for a long time and I don't believe it will get any for the foreseeable future. What we could do is find another tekkit esque modpack or even something different altogether, or another long shot is build another ourselves. All of the mods for the updated tekkit pack are out there and ready, we just need to put the effort in to compile and tweak them. I know how to do these things, but the fact of the matter is I don't think bruny is ready to let the popular tekkit server go. And to be honest neither am I. The hours I've put into these servers are probably running way into the hundreds.


Anyways, that's my two cents.

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I agree with not letting our current Tekkit Server go I love it.


Still, I wonder what would be left of Tekkit Legends to "try" after they banned and removed the items that they will.

I mean all of Balkons is removed from Tekkit now, Thats something alot of player want to have currently. And a lot of Tekkit Legends seems like Balkon's and a lot of weapons and stuff that would be removed and banned which are things people always seem to want.


Maybe we can test a Tekkit Legends Server, See what ends up being banned and removed and how the player count does in result of that. I don't think a whole lot of the modpack of Tekkit Legends would be left.


I think a better idea from Tekkit Legends would be to create your own modpack updating some of the current mod versions that you have and adding some new mods like IC2 and ICBM.

Like Tekkit gets AE but AE2 is out, Tekkit gets CC but theres newer versions of ComputerCraft.

Tekkit gets BigReactors mod but again theres newer mod versions out.


I still love Tekkit as it is though. Though I think a Tekkit that simply gets all these newer mod versions would do better than Tekkit Legends. or atleast introduce some new mods like IC1 or IC2. Something to spice it up as the Tekkit Galacticraft has really been out for awhile now. Still a great modpack though and my only played modpack.

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All of that is true, but when you alternate between packs you see that tekkit has its own appeal. When I play FTB its not about gofast power or build it at stupid levels. Instead its pick and choose what mods you wana play around with and mess around with some new stuff. In tekkit its bam, bam, bam do it, get it done, do it well. And because I double up on modpacks I don't really feel like the mods wear out.

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so this is a complete new modpack, how good is it?

Its a modpack who has a special version of ComputerCraft Called ComputercraftEducation

CCE is a School mod so players can learn how to control and how to program the turtles in it

other then that...i see its a combie of Hexxit and Tekkit togetter

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