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  1. Title of the post. Map is ruined, everything has already been done for 100 times and even I don't feel like playing it anymore, after getting 30 protection blocks for all my buildings and stuff. We need a wipe ASAP for the new map seed with amethysts and shit for 1.17
  2. Your Name: Legionx , namelessandreea Server Name: Pure survival Inventory Rollback or Claim Rollback: I got told there's been an error with rolling back the items for me and namelessandreea who also got killed. Coordiantes: 260 / 70 / 2603 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 07.03.2021 but I've already made some progress without the items, if you are going to roll back my inventory right now you're going to mess it up again. Please, place the items in a chest or just drop them to me when I get online. Description of Issue: Got killed by an abusing premium+ player _CursedEmperor_ and camped for a whole hour. Died twice, along with namelessandreea who was also there with me. There was no possible way I could kill him, I hit him 10 times and his HP was still full while having no armor equipped, so he had some impossibly achieavable effects on him without the use of creative. Eytixis said some sponsor gave him the items he used to kill me and my gf. Of the important items, we lost in total two sets of diamond armor, enchanted diamond tools, around 40 carrots and potatoes, 10 melon/pumpkin seeds, around 20 books, 30 levels of experience. The player has been punished but my items were never given back. Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/Iq0K9G0 We didnt take screenshots of the inventory I lost cause we never expected him to start attacking us and take our items.
  3. http://global3.memecdn.com/meanwhile-in-chernobyl_webm_2586871.webm
  4. Arino, I think i'll come to Braila in the Christmas Holiday . If not, you can always visit me .
  5. Antonio driving http://9gag.com/gag/aWZMpN3
  6. You mean level 1 dead rogue?
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