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Hey There Guys


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Hi guys my name is nathbrown and I'm new to this server, I joined today.

A teammate of mine recommended the capture the wool servers for our team to practice on and we found it quite enjoyable. I hope to spend a bit more time on this server, particularly ctw.

A quick question though, are capture the wool tournaments/events a thing here, if not I'd be happy to help organize one, if so where is the team page

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Welcome to Crafter's Land and I hope you enjoy staying here. ;)


Yeah,capture the wool is a mini game on network server,there are also several other mini games.

We also have pure survival,space factions,AC and even modded server's like FTB Direwolf20,Tekkit and Sky Factory 2.


That means infinite amount of fun for you. :D


Good luck.

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No, there arent ctw tournaments. But there are events. Check the Events section of the forum.

Actually, it's in discusse that at Network Server section - General, we have to vote and see if it's realizable.


And yes, event section it's older than my grandpa, staff don't use to post anymore there, and ppl don't use to check too.

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