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[Tekkit][1.7.10] World Automation V1.2A Released!


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Hey guys! I hope you don't mind me posting about updates to our pack here, but I wanted to talk briefly about the latest build, version 1.2a. 


This version was more focused on new mods than updates, and I personally think we've got some new interesting stuff incorporated into the pack. This screenshot is a tiny showcase of what was added: http://i.imgur.com/r0qbNku.png


You could have probably guessed it by the photo, Solar Panels have been added, more specifically the Solar Flux mod, which adds 6 tiers of solar panels that can be used for generating energy. Also added is a mod that's literally called "AE2 Stuff" and it adds some things that new players and experienced ones alike will appreciate!


Firstly, it adds a new crystal growth chamber, which allows you to grow the AE2 seeds without having to throw them into water and wait around and manually pick them up. This block instead lets you grow the seeds automatically, with automated input and extraction available!  Also included is an improved inscriber, which is more flexible in terms of inputs and outputs on the various sides.


Also added is Thermal Recycling, which lets you take old junk and turn it into new stuff! You'll see in Waila a "scrap value," which will let you know if said item can be recycled, and the value of the scrap which can be used to create other items. It also allows "deconstruction" of some items. For example, you can throw an Iron Door into a Pulverizer and get 6 iron dust out of it.


Next up are multiblock generators! Called "Advanced Generators," this mod adds a whole new realm of possibilities in RF generation.


Finally, AOBD (or Another One Bites the Dust) is a mod which I hope many will find useful coming from Tekkit on 1.6.4. This mod allows ores that normally aren't processable (meaning the ability to pulverize and then smelt) due to mod incompatibility to be processed. Most notably, Aluminum Ore from Galaticraft can be pulverized and smelted into ingots, which was a major weird quirk in the Tekkit we currently have today.


I hopefully released this update just in time for you all to spend some time trying it out over Winter Break! Please try to break it and if you're successful, tell me how you did it :).


This modpack can be found in the Technic Launcher by searching "World Automation" or by going to this link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/cl-updt.747803


Thanks for reading and a Merry Christmas to all!

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I know I didn't talk much about the Advanced Generators mod previously, but here's an obligatory screenshot after I've gotten to play around with it some: http://i.imgur.com/a7hiARZ.jpg


These generators are a little similar to what you'd see in the Big Reactors mod (which is also included) but highly configurable. You can add more turbines for more energy production, as well as add more internal energy storage. There are sensors, redstone control, and tons of other parts I haven't gotten around to playing with yet. I know it may not be as cool as Atomic Science, but I hope this mod offers something fun for people to tinker with in my pack :)

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