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My 1,000 Forum Post!


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I made it to my 1000 post! Here is my short story about the journey.


   My journey to Crafter’sLand began long ago with my first modded server Tekkit 1.5.2. I played this server for some time and then took a break. During the break, I toyed with having my own server, and also played on many others. When I came back the Tekkit server was now 1.6.4, this is when I ran across Myiume. He was asking players to test a new server that could be a part of Crafter’sLand. It was great to be part of a beta test of Skyfactory. Who knew how much it would grow? I applied for staff after beta was over and got helper rank. I worked my way up from helper to mod, and continued to have fun playing and helping players. Approximately over the next year I earned admin and then Game Master rank on sky. Since then I have become forum Moderator, and more recently earned GM+ on FTB and Sky. I hope to have many more years with Crafter’sLand.  THIS IS A GREAT COMMUNITY. :) :)


Thank you for reading,



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Congratulations rock! 1 Thousand posts is a huge amount and I think you have helped the crafters land modded community a ton, with always being online, and being active a lot, Helping every single player you see that needs it, and just being nice to everyone!

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