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Discord - An Alternative To Teamspeak.


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Hey, everyone!


Lately, I've noticed that our TeamSpeak server hasn't really been getting any attention, as no one ever uses it any more. Part of that could be because of the fact some people find TeamSpeak tricky to use, which is why lots of potential members end up walking away from it, or not being willing to give it a shot at all.


Recently, I came across a relatively new app called Discord. It really does seem to have impressed a lot of people with its simplicity and ease to use. It's officially advertised as 'the perfect alternative to Skype and TeamSpeak'. Basically, it's about a combination of what both Skype and TS have to offer. Discord features a neat and functional chat messaging system, as well as a voice one. One can use both simultaneously, or switch between only being available on either of them, which makes it pretty practical, as you get lots of functionality in just one application.


Additionally, seeing as how we've tried a handful of services similar to Discord already, I think it's only fair people give it a try. I'm still in the process of fully understanding it, although it would appear that using it is a blast.


Discord is available for all platforms, and can be downloaded here. Once you've signed up for an account (which shouldn't take you any longer than 60 seconds), follow the link provided below to join Crafter's Land's channel, and go on from there.




Thanks for reading!


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I will take a look tonight, but we haven't advertised the team speak server enough to give it a fair chance.

That's true. I didn't mean to undermine our TS server in any way. On a more general note, though, Discord is said to be considerably easier to use nevertheless.

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