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[Rare Bugs]Unlimited Lava With Ender Io Fluid Conduit

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Sorry for my bad English

3 days ago, I decided to build my house from the higher place than the starter one. During the movement I broke my Lava ender tank that was connected with the Igenous Extruder that is making cobberstone for the auto siever and auto hammerer. Yesterday I came to the old place to collect another left and I discovered that during 3 days (each day I play about 4-6.5h) the fluid conduit still provided lava for the extruder to continue produced cobberstone. It still fill up the lava tank of the extruder even when I switched to produce Stones and Obsidians. Now I've turn off the extruder but still keep the fluid conduit for GM if you want to check this. I also do the experiment by placeing the lava ender tank with fluid conduit connected to one device and then remove the tank but It don't happen anymore.

I also eliminate the situation that the device doesn't work when I far away from it because it still fill up my chest during 3 days (before that the chest are empty 50%)

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