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Minecraft Pe Craftersland Server


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Hello, i could help make it although i have a pe server and all the players are enjoying it i am the perfect guy to help if you want any help i am an expert well almost but i am good at making some it kind of depends what hosting u use for the server

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Actually the PE server was dropped because we had no one who could help with the development and coding of the server and plugins etc. Maybe for other reasons, but that was the official reason from Brunyman if I remember correctly.


If Brunyman see's this maybe he might be interested if you are able to demonstrate a proper server and your knowledge and value in keeping up the server.

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Hi, we just don't know whether or not that's safe to download. Not really a good idea posting links like that here, might end up having your post removed.

You should create a new topic next time you're in need of assistance and please, avoid reviving old threads like this one.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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