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Ismael18L ? Unbann Fncjaydzo


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[1] In-Game : 


[2] Details of Situation:

i am FNCjaydzo real why bann my ismael?

[3] Ban Category:

Hacked account . Go to forum

[4] Ban Duration:


[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:


[7] Your Reason:

Ismael18L i am the real FNCjaydzo im not hacker .... 

:( :( :( :( :(

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Hi FNCjaydzo, u´ve been sanctioned because it seems that they have entered with ur acc. We are reviewing a few things and a few records..




- https://gyazo.com/983ad392ef10dbcc459ee314efd6bc07


The sanction will remain until well review that u`re that made this post. 

Thank u for understand!

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i play in a internet network place . and here at this place many guys play this server . so this is why 

IPS don't lie, everybody has a unique ip, it's impossible for 2 persons sharing the same IP..

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IP address is linked to your computers mac address. No two computers can have the same IP address ever.
That means your using the same computer that Serxho used. Coincidence? Doubtful. Every single computer, phone, anything on the internet has its own unique IP.

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  • Manager

Serxho's pretty much a hacker, who's been rather busy lately. We're currently looking into the matter, as it would appear that both serxho and you share the very same IP. Now, please stop spamming this topic with unnecessary information and let our staff do their job. You'll be hearing from us soon regarding the matter.

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Accurate, both serxho and u`re sharing the sam IP. This means that both are close. We would also puto us in doubt... Since both use the same IP and u have said u`re not serxho.


May i ask something?

- Do u know in person to serxho?


As far a i can see with ur description.. u play all in a sort o Center with computers not? Could u explain if u think that all these users play in that Center?


Pastebin: Click here

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Today i punished a multi acc of serxho (Majev). 2 minutes, he came with ur nick. And just at that moment i punished him, do an unban request... 


1 week ago approximately, u created a post saying that 'Rei' was a great hacker that u hacke ur account 'mertacar2002'..




As i read.. Rei is a great hacker and u know it because it is ur friend.

Mmm.. If Rei is ur friend.. As u must know, Rei is a friend of serxho. So what u mean is that both (serxho, Rei, and u) are friends in real life.


This is my question..: 


* Both live in Albania

* 2 u play a Center (serxho and u) and another at home


This is not to say that u have the guilt of what another user does.. but is much coincidence.

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Rei brother once came to my neighborhood and he recognized me (Lenci Koci, Serxho Plaku, Keison Plaku, Kristi Veizi, Biorni Plaku etc .......    



kristi veizi is 14years old 

i am lenci koci 14years old

bjorni plaku is 10years old 

keison plaku is 13years old 

serxho plaku is 9years old 



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Then, we blame u, being one of the older and more experience do not? Among some of the acc's that were hacked. Only appear the IP urs and serxho. Rei does not appear anywhere and does not appear recorded in this "Center" that is u play. 


The ony ones that appear with the IP are: 


- kristi

- FNCjaydzo

- serxho

- keison


According to what u sais in the previous comment, now are 4 suspects.. 

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