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Dear Crafter's Land,


I am sure most of you have heard of me as well as my stories, in all cases both good/bad.

I would have done this presentation much earlier but it's been three years since i joined.

After some inspiration by other staff members, i decided to step up and do my own too.

My journey here began in 2013 and has lasted till today and hopefully even longer. 


Technic Adventures!

I used to play on a hardcore vanilla factions/MCMMO server, which quickly died down.

It made me tactical, knowledgeable, and a great inventor in terms of defenses/bases.

A year passed and i decided to return to my favorite past-time of modded Minecraft.

I discovered what ModPacks were and how Technic had the ability to go to the moon.


I quickly downloaded the cracked version of Tekkit, and desperately searched for servers.

Having found a single cracked server, known as Crafter's Land, i entered the IP and joined.

After that i was taken in by HaosS07 whom taught me everything about every Technic Mod.

We went from noob's to inventors, creating loaded Power Suits, which proved you made it.


I then met the first staff member, Marko who had later returned last year as an administrator.

He showed me the model leadership and how difficult it was to keep everyone happy/playin.

After a while i got to know other staff members such as [GM] Simsonas86, [GM] Jim/Jimmel.

Together the three of us had many good times, even though i was just a regular unranked guy.


Jim taught me everything there was to be about a leader, i watched his struggle for justice

against power hungry tyrants such as VladNMP, Dwarfel, Immiel and Roby2 (no offenses).

I then asked how i could achieve his status, and he encouraged me to apply on the forums.

I had paid no attention to the forums and applied for helper, taking my time writing the app.


Two days later i met the [server Manager] SirMajestick and [Founder] Brunyman in Tekkit.

SirMajestick granted me the title of Helper and the happiness i had was a real high for me.

Brunyman and I first spoke about where the server was hosted, as Tekkit lagged then too!

I began socializing with the high rollers and was pretty proud of my progress as a Helper.

However like any staff member i became eager to be promoted after three or so weeks.

SirMajestick then promoted me to [Judge] and what a joy that was, i stepped up my game.


However i got involved with the wrong friends, thinking that VladNMP and Dwarfel liked me.

In reality, VladNMP falsified information and convinced SirMajestick to ban Immiel, Me, Jim,

and Simsonas for the sale of spawned in items, since i was new i got demoted very easily.


I then had since after the demotion a ban followed lasting for basically life (abuse IK).

Immiel and I said our good bye's and we decided to search for another Technic Server.

We could not find any, and decided to simply leave Minecraft all together for a while.


Return to Crafter's land:

After realizing that there was nothing as good as multiplayer power suit/fist fighting,

I decided to return to Crafter's Land and met Niqf for the first time and Jim again.

Niqf was recently promoted to [Admin] and told me to suck-up to Jim for status.

I decided not to do that, and went to Myiume someone i also met for the 1st time.

Myiume basically spat in my face and said your rank is gone and don't talk to me.

After being issued a warning for merely requesting my rank back from Myiume,

I decided to play as a player for as long as i could, and apply on forums again.


By the time applications were open i had made new unranked regular friends.

MaxStripe, MrBatman, KwaaiWolf, ZeeDerpMaster, etc became close friends.

We built, adventured and plundered others together one small step at a time.

However after accumulating so much wealth, we decided to pursue status.

Thus after MrBatman and KwaaiWolf received helper we split up over a feud.


I pushed myself to the farthest corners of the planet of mars, to be isolated.

Myiume came in to issue ranks and decided to tell me never to apply again.

I decided to leave Tekkit after a meteor basically blew up my Tree-Dome.

Plus Myiume decided to ban me for reporting a bug in the wrong forum.

I then ventured down to Network, discovering how factions/AC was fun.

Jim had done the same and we played together as regular players too!


I met another close friend, [Admin] Joss533 who helped my faction a lot.

I then met DanielKinz, one of the original FTB staff members on Network.

Later I met [Helper] PowerWarp, who gave me my first network warning.

However i was shocked when he got bumped up to GM after a year.

We played a lot of Assassins together and helped each other gain levels.

I applied for Network and the applications were reviewed 3 months later.

I was amongst the three applicants to be selected out of twenty five.

I was also selected by Brunyman, not Myiume whom generally did this.

However, it was not as easy to receive the rank as it was to apply for it.


Myiume discovered i had been accepted and stripped it all away from me.

However after I gave him a formal letter, he decided to hand me the rank.

I proved his decision was correct by being the most enthusiastic helper.

Working hard and long for 10 months straight without thinking of promo.

That being said i started a Post-hunting war with Jim to get more Posts.

However Jim/Sim/Daniel/Joss were leaving for FTB, boy another adventure!


Adventures of FTB DW20:

Brunyman posted a topic requesting staff members for the updated FTB.

I happily applied for it, and joined the server with Jim and my other friends.

We played happily, dabbling heavily in magic, trolling each other as players.

Then a day came when someone threatened to hack all of our accounts.

Brunyman logged in a few days later and gave me Judge out of nowhere.

Man, that was a milestone i had just achieved my previous status in a min.


We continued playing on FTB until Myiume decided to go AWOL from CL.

I was judge for six months without any promotion, until Myiume left for good.

Eventually ElementSkate was assigned as the new Staff Manager of CL.

He promoted me to moderator, and at the time i met Pumpkin/Derp/Gunner.

My other [GM] Friends like Jim and all had also gone AWOL or to Network.

I decided to stick around and watch over the basically staff-less server.

There were only 4 GM's of which all went inactive, and I the only Judge.

After that i decided to head back to Tekkit just to check it out again.

I went back and discovered it was under staffed and applied for helper.

ElementSkate decided to give me [Mod] Status on Tekkit just as on FTB.


Return to Tekkit/Progress till now:

The almost two year gap finally ended when i returned to Tekkit in 2015.

After a while i was promoted to Admin on Tekkit, and the only active one.

However ElementSkate had also gone AWOL as his PC had broken down.

It took a long while, and i was stuck as Mod for four or five good months.

Myiume came back and tried to get rid of me again, after attempting to 

have [Ex-GM] Pumpkin of FTB removed for harassing me constantly.

Brunyman stopped Myiume from tossing me into the trash back then.

Then came PowerWarp, after leaving Heist Brunyman made him [C.M].

He happily promoted me to GM on FTB and GM on Tekkit after a month.

We became friends and I would rush to his aid whenever needed/possible.


I played on Tekkit long and hard, re-kindling my worsening relationship

with MrBatman, which got much worse and led to demotion topics.

We continued fighting, but eventually gave in and made up over it.

MrBatman was truthfully the person we all despised and grew to like.


After being promoted to GM on FTB, I received Forum Moderator status.

I used all three of my ranks wisely, but had some slip ups in social issues.

Powerwarp grew tired of my constant bullshit and i did not heed his warns.

Our relationship grew worse, and so did FTB, but i tried my best going on.

Slowly we managed to work together more and collaborate, leading to me

staying on with the most privileged ranks for more than another year or so.


I had achieved everything and decided to try and do more for Crafters Land.

Thus Jack, Slit, Roknoklok and I created the ModPack "Post Blast 1.6.4".

It was a rough copy of Voltz but evolved over time with all of our contribution.

After my team disbanded, i continued the pack over to 1.7.10, watching as

it became a trending pack for the third time, reaping the benefits of my work.

Hoping inside, Crafter's land would put use to my year's worth of time/work.


Today, i play across all three servers, and now at times World Automation.

I have lost all my friends to either studies, retirement or demotions/conflict.

I try and do my best for this community trying to keep the principles there.

Trying my best to make sure nothing falls apart like it used to long before.

The reason i am still here is because I just dont trust you guys with a 

significant part of my life, (reason i got C's in eighth grade and not A's). :P


So I may be rough and formal, but it's because i've done my fair share.

Learn to realize that there is no "old" staff left to guide the helpers anymore.

I'm here, hoping to make an impact on the staff to strive for principle + innovation.

Once the time comes that I am no longer needed, i will end this 3 year journey.


Thank you for reading this long crappy essay.













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  • Manager

Ah, yeah. It's been a blast. In both good and bad, we've always managed to pull through, and make a difference with our hard work and determination over the years. As far as I'm concerned, you've more than earned your place in the community's staff team; it's been a pleasure having you around, and I'm definitely looking forward to what's yet to come. That's a pretty stunning representation of events you've got there, by the way, Andrew. Keep it up! :)

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Nice story, you bash some staff though, remember they did a lot of positive things too.

As regards to Helper->GM in one go, brunyman thought that it wouldn't be fair on the other staff if I went through the same promotional system as them, because I'm so good.

There are plenty of old staff members still here, so not sure what you mean. Furthermore, there are a lot of new staff who are amazing, you don't need to be old to be valued here, if that was the case before, it isn't anymore! :P

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Yeah Power, it may be true but a lot of my history with them was pretty bad.


"Brunyman though that it wouldnt be fair on the other staff if i went through the same promotional system as them, because I'm so good" --Hehehehe ofcourse you are, btw that first warn though i shrugged off like who the eff is this helper, and now look at you :P


Good times, bad times, CL has always been a ride.

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