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Hello my fans! I know you've all been waiting for this presentation and I'm here to give it to YOU.
Let's get into this because I know you are all excited:

CHAPTER ONE: The Hungry Network:
I just had a friend and played with him for the entire 1.3.2. His name was Aaron2002. That's everything.
So, now everything is getting more exciting. I have been playing for some time and I decided to apply as a nooby helper. Guess what? DOD_spy was a manager...
The story ends with me being banned because I accidentally griefed before getting helper by Digital_Salt(he was 11...).

After I finished watching My Little Pony I decided to go on Crafter's Land once again and play survival games. I've played for a long time SG so I finally decided to apply again as a helper(you can't get rid of me...). Guess what? Andreas was the SG manager....this time it was perfect. Andreas was a nice person, always treating you right and giving you a second chance if you would do something bad. He needed staff on the server and decided to promote me to a judge in a day, mod in two weeks and admin in 2-3 months. I have made a lot of friends(*cough* friends *cough*): PedoSkate, FlamingIronBird.

I think me being still here is because of FlamingIronI'llleaveyouBird(still like you <3). I was on AC and saw a [Mod] You know who it is already, I said his name twice. So we talked for a bit then he left. After some hours/days I finally decided to send him a message and ask him if he would give me his skype and maybe play on a modded server. That's when I was introduced to the modded scene for the first time: Tekkit. I've played alone at the start. Flaming gave me a house, a ton of spawned in resources and some good luck ;) . Then someone was finally visiting me. Guess who? Snakeyes....Yeah....I knew it because Flaming was telling me like: ermagud he is spying on you, better act cool.
Let's fast forward some months.Good.When the Tekkit server wiped I actually joined FlamingIronBird and his friends which are still mine at the moment: Jimmel(Snakeeyes,SnaketheBaws,Jim,Jimmy...) and Simsonas. We've played Tekkit for a long time and got closer and closer.
Later I met some other people like Andrew, Majestickhater, Marko and some more people that I'm not bothering to remember. I don't have any memories of them so let's fast forward again.
SirShit was still doing the reviews along with PedoSkate(the hatred still lives). I was a helper for EIGHT MONTHS which was a really good time for me, I really learned a lot from that. Damn, that was exciting. So I got along with Flaming,Yim and the penguin more. Oh, and met Daniel, he was cool kind of, mean at the start, nicer later. Ofc, I was the best helper/ staff at the time so everyone came up to me and made a lot of friends. Also met MrBatman. Oh man, the friendship and broken friendships. TL;DR: I was called a backstabber. And gurl, I COULDN'T ACCEPT THAT, uh huh.

Jim gave me worledit on Tekkit while I was a player by the way. That's our start. He just came up to me because my house got quarried.
But let's continue. Tekkit was getting more AND MORE boring. So, Flaming,YIMJIMJIMMEL,Simsonas, I and Andrew decided to go on FTB. I had a lot of fun with 3+1/2 of them. Then my pc decided to take a shit and I couldn't get on the server for some months so I got demoted and Pumpkin said I wasn't a GM and I got angry. And also Andrew took pictures of me and Jim having fun with him while trolling so he could report us later.
I got into a lot of fights in this time. It was kind of exciting.

 Element got promoted to CM...yeah...His friends had a lot of power. So, Element basically started shit with everyone, started talking shit about people in private and a lot of backstabbing has happened. Element was sh*t. An...someone decided to make other friends and report 2 people, Flaming disappeared and Jim was Jim. So a lot of me developed in that time. I became sassy, mean and honest aaaand VERY VERY VERY blunt. I don't know why you are still reading this tbh.
But then someone nice came into my black hole soul. It was called apple. I thought it was Just4Apple but it was just AppleJack99(Just was talking shit with element about me sooo yeah). She is also my bae now. She cool. Even if she cheats on me with someone. After some time people decided to leave and come back ( u know yourself). And old broken friendships repaired.

List of baes:
-Jimmel,Jimaras250,SnakeEyes,SnaketehBaws,R00t,Jimmy, Jim, Angelina Jolie.
-Leo, Please buy my album.
-Simsonas86, Guntah, The penguin.
-Sabeeeeeeeh, Sam, PinkCastle.
-Danielkinz, Daniel.
-FlamingIronPleaseReturn, Bird, Der SomethingGerman.
-That guy with 4 numbers who was a month friend, a month enemy.
-St. SEJ Church without that traitor

If you have any questions leave them down below and I'll answer them. Thanks. Please don't forget that I did an awesome job, I was one of the best staff members and I was the 3rd most powerful staff. I'm old so please promote me.

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Been a long time my friend, some ups and downs but here we four still are (Sim, Jim, You, And i).


Sorry bout the screenshot war, and don't give me shit Jim would prntscreen everything as well :P

Anyways after that shit ended we're still here and it would be great to do more crazy shit again.


+1 to the biggest troll/friend

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