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Well first of all I saw that people are making these Present Yourself topics soooooo I wanted to give it a try. :D


Some of you know me from start,some of you a little and some of you never even knew I existed in this community.




My name is Asmir and I come from Europe,Bosnia and Herzegovina.I am 17 year old (noob) programmer that really likes games.


I joined this community on February 2015. when my friends and I were looking for Tekkit server.When we found out about this place we played for about 2 months and then they decide to leave so I was left alone.                         I cri everitim ;-;



After some time I started to talk with people,making friends,enemys,you know standard stuff.Then after a while I started seeing people with colored names in chat,I was like THAT IS SOME GUD STUFF O.O

First staff I ever talked with was Skittles when he asked for 1v1(he won cuz hackz).

Then Slit came and his famous XP farm where I would grind XP without him knowing it.

Djgaz was my first bae,he trolled the life out of me.

After some time a nice little boy joined named rmtworks,we became friends ( and he was the only guy I ever trusted because I was trolled and scamed soooo many times).


He told me about helper applications and thats when I first applied.I was jelly at start cuz he and uneek got the rank and I didnt. ;-;


Eather way I got it next month because I spammed people and staff to like my application. XD


After that there were some rough times because I was inactive,sick,had accidents and other stuff I dont wana talk about.After few weeks I came back and met even more nice people.Maybe after month or soo I joined FTB staff.It was a nice place and staff was okay.I got in fight with one person (definitely not Pumpkin) where I got my first warn from Powerbae.


Then some weird bugs and crashes came and at the end I couldnt join FTB for a long time and that is when I gave up from it.


After FTB i started to play on Network.I met some nice people there like Simon,Emily and Sam.

We played together for a nice amount of time until I screwed up stuff :/ SUPER MEAT BOY OP

(I am still sorry for what I did Em)


I wasnt in mood for games after that and I started to study a little bit more and became inactive in the end.


I saw on Skype that promos are coming soon and I came back just to get rank,and I got hooked up again on Tekkit.

After new year rmt decided to make a nice modpack that was supposed to be Tekkit 1.7.10.We played and tested the poop out of it,after crashes and bugs the pack got chosen as official CL modpack.It got hosted and stuff and after few weeks I decided to leave because my PC couldnt handle it anymore. :/


I came back on Tekkit [AGAIN] and started to do what I normally did and that was compete with others.Some scrub asked for help and I tped to him and he started to attack me I killed him and insulted him and that was when I got DEMOTED!!! for first time and muh friendz asked Powerbae to give my rank back and he did. (LUV YOU GUYZZ <3)


Nothing special happened since that soo that is where my story ends. :)



This community is great and I am sooo happy to be part of it,I met a lot of people and they became my really good friends.You have no idea how much this place made me happy and I am not even thinking of leaving it.


Thank you all for reading this if you did ( its long I know ) but this is who I am and what I became here. :D




P.S. I write stuff with Bold because it helps me see better ( I wear glasses) and makes letters look much better.



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