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Skyfactory Server Update To 2.5? Vote! Let Us Know What You Think.


SkyFactory Update  

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  1. 1. Should we update SkyFactory to 2.5?

    • Yes! Finally an update!
    • No! I don't want another server WIPE!
    • No! I don't like the update!
    • No! I don't want to move from ATLauncher!

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Hi, SkyFactory 2.5 is out! As you know this modpack was moved to FTB and Curse Launchers so the update will not come on ATLauncher anymore :(


This is an important update also because the modpack wasn't updated for a long time, so a lot of changes took place like mods added and removed.


Modpack Change Log


As this is a large update and the modpack was re-built all items ID's are different so the only way to update the server will be to do a full server WIPE, basically rebuilding the server setup.


Ranks will be the same and probably the same spawn. We can provide a world download with the current islands after the wipe so you can still play offline if you like.


But first, please let us know if you think we should or not update the server to 2.5, vote in the pool above. Thanks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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