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[Gm+]Timur Using Tp To Abuse


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In-Game Nickname: Timur

Time and date: 4:15 PM GMT+2   05/23/2016

Description of what happened: Me and xNurofen went in end to find and kill a chaos dragon. When we found 1 we tryied to kill him , I destroyed the chaos crystals and after that Timur used tp (admin tp) on xNurofen to get there. After we saw that normal weapons don't have effect on the chaos dragon we went back home on island and crafted a draconic bow and after that we went back on the chaos dragon island to beat him but Timur killed the chaos dragon. We didn't ask for help , he just came (using admin tp) and killed the dragon. 

Screenshots or Proof:  http://imgur.com/a/p39tG

List of eyewitnesses: [Premium]Fatal (in the chat)

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Well... it seems i missbehave, and i`m sorry about it.


The thing is... I saw you die over and over again, so i tp to see maybe you need my help to get staff back from chaos island.

I see you flying there, with your stuff, so i get interested, why you have problem killing dragon, so i observe a bit more. Then i noticed you just left island, so i decide to kill the dragon myself, because why not, it`s a challange. And i DID kill it using crossbow, and no armor. I died and died again, but eventually i killed it. I trully didn`t know you left for such a long time just to get some another weapon, rly... i spend like 30-40 minutes killing it, and dieing over and over again.


If you really want to get this heart, and chaos shards, you say it to me. I will give them back, even if i think I deserve to keep them as reward for killing dragon with "bare hands" (aka "no armorl").

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Yea, it not right for Timur to do that, but you need to tell him that, because some staff would tp or how you put it "admin tp" to see if the person needs any assistance and not communicating with the staff member would just make him assume that you do need some assistance with killing something or whatever it might be.


PS: Sorry for the later response, but I had to put my two scene into this situation. 

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