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Update 2.5.2 Is Out In "beta", Waiting To Become Recomended.


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Skyfactory 2.5 got couple updates.


Changelog 2.5.1

* Added Bone, Flint, Paper, Slime, and Blue Slime to more available tool parts

* Removed all ore generation in the void that should not have been there

* Removed In-Game Wiki, since it decided to just install itself

* Removed Dungeon Chest Loot from Loot Bags and updated NEI Lootbags to stop infinite resources from being created through the recycler (these easily recycleable items were introduced in 2.5 as a bug due another mod update/config change)

* Reduced the rarity of MooFluid Cows from 8 to 7, since Vanilla Cows are not correctly spawning

* Added FTB Islands to the pack to allow a better Multiplayer experience. You can now create islands (either standard tree on dirt or 3x3 island with chest) for other players through commands:


* Fixed Moofluids to not spawn useless liquids and to allow ingots/blocks to be made from others

* Removed the Utility Mobs mod due to the incredibly high amount of exploits it can be used for and other issues reported by users

* Rearranged the scripts to allow linux and mac based systems to craft iron ingots from iron blocks

* Removed Experience rings due to players able to get near infinite amounts of experience with it

* Created recipes to go back and forth between Ex Nihilo gravel, sand, and dust blocks to their respective pieces allowing c ompacting drawers to store them easily

* Added pulverizer recipes for Aluminum gravel, sand, and dust because they were never added by the mod itself

* Added an Ex Nihilo Aluminum Ingot to Nugget recipe

* Turned off the Mouse Tweaks LMB Drag with Item for convenience purposes

* Fixed the conflicting recipes for Ceramic Dye and Porcelain Clay

* Removed sprinting from the Tree Growing Simulator mod to eliminate an exploit for infinite bonemeal and RF

* Added Immersive Engineering Aluminum Nuggets to the Ore Dictionary so that it may be used in recipes

* Made the Deep Storage Unit a bit easier to craft

* Changed the Ex Compressum config option to "Use up" an upgrade book over time

* Removed Filing Cabinet recipes and hid them from NEI to fix a duplication glitch

* Removed the Pam's Harvestcraft Market to fix a dupe bug

* AE2 was updated to work with the current version of Applied Energistics

* Slightly, ever-so-slightly, turned down the drop chance of Loot Bags

* Removed Witchery Owls from the Auto Spawner list, yet another dupe glitch

* Added all Pam's Tree Saplings to Podzol Sieve Table

* Cows, Pigs, Chickens, and Sheep now have craftable spawn eggs

* Removed Crafting Table IV and ElecCore due to crashes and Server login issues. Replaced with Ewy's Workshop

* Rebalanced all of the food composting values to take into account recipe difficulty

* Infusion Stones no longer need to be full durability to craft with

* Added the Loot++ mod

* In an effort to lesson confusion amongst players, the Inscriber recipes in NEI have been hidden

* Updated the JABBA mod to fix many bugs, including a major duplication bug.

* Removed the Forge Lexicon due to a crash, it's functionality can be replaced by a myriad of other items/blocks

* Disabled the chance of getting Silk Touch and fiery as upgrade modifiers from Iguana Tweaks

* Removed a number of exploitable items from the Loot Recycler, like sticks

* Fixed the song Flashlight from not playing due to an incorrect filename

* Added tooltip text to the Compressed Hammers to alert players their inability to veinmine compressed block

* Removed the In-Game Info XML redundant item name on the middle left portion of the screen

* Removed a number of superfluous items from NEI

* Added Natura Sulfur to the Sulfur Ore Dictionary list

* Added the Infinibow(Infinity Bow Fix) mod to the pack

* Baconator's are now able to auto-feed and be eaten when you're hungry like normal foods


Changelog 2.5.2:

* Updated "It's Raining Food" to fix a server crash issue when it rains

* Fixed Aluminum Ore Sand and Gravel to be pulverized

We need to check, does it change ID of items, because if it does change, then staright update is not an option.


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