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Getting Crash When Entering Elono Island

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My ingame username is EnderTheDude and I'm a farmer.

One day, Elono tpa me to his island but when i get there, my launcher crash, and i stuck there.

Everytime i join the server, it keeps crashing and crashing. I don't know what to do. I don't want to recreate another island. It took a really long time building it. Plz if help me, i would appreciate that.

If u can't help, i would like you to spawn some of the precious stuff back. Thanks you really much






  My Skin is down there


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 Any ideas what item could have bugged on the island? Are you apart of Elono island?

Theres a bug with enderio's api not being compatible with the ae2 new api since the enderio was build on a previous version of the ae2 api if you look at my thread in the technical support theres a crash report thats says that might be why some of the crashes/errors occur.

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burnyman  a a few people crashes on my island but for example Lancelot doesnt crash on my is.

I dont know why this happens because I have no crash on my island.



Please don't revive old posts, make a new post for your issue please.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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